Pollock is a Core Systems-aligned planet in the Levanto System of Thunderbird Sector.

Planetary Data

Geographic Data

Pollock is a smaller-than-Earth planet, about 9,800 km in diameter, with a surface gravity of 0.75. Unlike many of the other worlds in Thunderbird Sector, Pollock took to terraforming quite readily - there is currently an Earth-similar atmosphere with a surface pressure of 0.8atm. Aside from small polar ice caps, the planet has one large ocean and several small lakes and seas that total 49% of the surface. Pollock is comparatively warm by Earth standard - average planetary temperature is 22˚.


11 billion people live on Pollock or the two orbital facilities. As the first colony in the sector, Pollock has always been one of the most crowded planets. There was once a small population of Mirandolans, but in the last few years many people have left the planet while at the same time almost as many sympathetic people have immigrated in (see Politics, below).


Pollock's main industries are packaged protein bars, basic consumables, and strong liquor. The planet supplies most of the food consumed onboard ships along the Lavigne Route.


For the last three years Pollock's normal government channels have been superseded by the Human Rights Council, a group that was swept into power amid a wave of anti-Mirandolan fervor. What started as public protests of genetics laboratories is now a charismatic group that has outlawed all genetic testing, augmentation (both organic and cybernetic), and almost every other "deviation" from the pure human form.

The Navy maintains a presence in the system, although it it likely that they will not move against such a popular group. The official record of events is that the Republic was not aware of the cultural shift until it became too widespread to contain. Certain groups within the region maintain that the Navy allowed the anti-Mirandolan sentiment to flourish, charging that the entire planet now comprises a very willing market for Republic propaganda.

Travellers' Information


Travellers to Pollock should be aware that almost any display of cybernetics is currently punishable by extreme fines, imprisonment, and/or hard labor, as is harboring or conducting any research into novel applications of human genetics. New arrivals at the Pollock starport should expect to see and hear many words and phrases being used as euphemisms and slogans for the HRC.

Because of the current political and legal climate, the Scout Service has placed an Amber-status warning on Levanto System.

Travellers' Resources

The facilities planetside and on the orbital stations comprise the equivalent of a Class-2 starport. There is a TAS lodge on Pollock's starport grounds, as well as a Navy presence planetside and on both stations.


Pollock is within range of the following systems (for a ship equipped with a Jump-2 enabling drive):

  • Cyclone (Jump-2)
    • Werner C100325-A Pirate Amber
  • Mitre, Phoenix Sector (Jump-2)
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