Pearson is a Core Systems-aligned planet in the Chomolungma System of Phoenix Sector.

Planetary Data

Geographic Data

Pearson is an airless terrestrial planet approximately 9000 km in diameter, with a surface gravity of 0.5g. Ice covers about 40% of the surface.


Pearson's first colonists were miners and prospectors searching for veins of crystal. The planet underwent a massive expansion in its early years, and when the largest veins dried up, the population made the leap to success in other fields - namely becoming host to some of the most well-known medical corporations in human space.

The planet's early conditions created an interesting sociopolitical microcosm that is still almost unchanged today, even after centuries of League (and later Republic) interaction. The first prospectors worked in family units, living in portable vacc shelters. The cramped operating compartments of their mining equipment meant that the females usually operated the machinery while the males tended to the sensor equipment. This distribution of power, combined with a social network of limited interaction, led to females assuming more direct control of supply purchases, and later all transactions. When the planet made the move to the medical field, it was only natural that the women assumed control of the local corporations.

There are currently about 7 million citizens on Pearson. The current population holds their prospector heritage up as a mascot of sorts, but they consider themselves as urbane and sophisticated as any resident of Chrysanthemum or Earth.


Pearson was once thought of only for the crystal mines under its surface, but today most large medical firms throughout Phoenix Sector have at least some presence here. Pearson Medical is the umbrella group for almost a hundred research organizations. Public pressure kept their funding high throughout the CS-Spartan War, and the planet worked to be known as the "soldier's savior" for their large-scale treatment of wounded infantry. All this has resulted in Pearson taking the lead in the field of regenerative therapy. Aside from direct clinical treatment, Pearson exports a large range of cosmetics and other related products.

There is still some crystal trade, but most experts agree that all large veins have been exploited. Tourists can pay to try their luck at prospecting, but few people come back with anything but souvenir holos.


The planet's old guard of female rulers has been able to keep their power through social controls, but in the last few years Pearson has experienced a boom in population, as wounded soldiers and refugee civilians were pushed there by the wake of the war. These new elements have begun to agitate for a more egalitarian society, a sympathy that has caught hold among a significant minority of the male populace. Some token administrative positions have opened up to male applicants, but the bulk of the planet still holds to the old ways.

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There are currently no advisories for Pearson.

Travellers' Resources

Pearson hosts a class-A starport with both a TAS lodge and a Republic Consulate. For the sake of safety, no occupied portion of either the starport or any other permanent structure here looks out onto the surface. Instead, large screens and holoemitters project soothing images of open skies and bright sunlight onto most surfaces, creating an effect that is sometimes jarring to those just in from long weeks in deep space.


Pearson is within range of the following systems (for a ship equipped with a Jump-2 enabling drive):

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