Paulus Srivanare

Dr. Paulus D. Srivanare is a Republic-renowned researcher on accretion disk agglomeration and planet formation. He holds a degree in planetology from the University of Sotherlane and holds the rank of Scout-Lieutenant within the Exploratory Corps of the Core Systems Scout Service.

Born on Agarwal in 2464 as Paul Dittmore, he was one of only six hundred people in the planet's graduating class of '82 and obtained a scholarship to the prestigious planetology program of the University of Sotherlane in the Penitent Brotherhood. During his studies he converted to the Penitent belief and legally changed his name with the Republic embassy on Benevolence. His doctoral thesis on the continental drift of Mardana, while a groundbreaking and well-regarded study in the scientific community, was at odds with the Marja Dini's dogmatic position regarding the planet. So while Srivanare was accorded his Ph.D by the university in 2490, he was invited (at gunpoint) by the theocracy to return home to the CSFR or face severe punishment.

Degree in hand, Dr. Srivanare applied to join the CSSS and - relative to the other candidates mainly enlisting to avoid service in the Core Systems-Spartan War - his credentials were deemed good enough to be accepted into the Exploratory Corps in a non-conflict role. His initial posting was at a monitoring station orbiting Quiloch in Sadel System, Dragon Sector, observing terraforming operations there. He was instrumental in observing, quantizing and issuing a report on the rapid destabilization of the planet's ice sheets during the rapid warming of the planetary atmosphere, but a narrow vote by the planetary council against corrective action - or at least a moratorium on further terraforming - led to predicted, but tragically unprepared for, flooding of Quiloch's main colony site and the death of 1,400 people. Perhaps to his chagrin, some of the senior Scout Service personnel at his station expressed strong displeasure at his flouting of chain of command and administrative procedure during the lead-up to the flood, which - in addition to his highly questionable adherence to the Penitent faith - led to his transfer in early 2494.

Scout-Lieutenant Dr. Srivanare's next post was to the CSRSV Tsiolkovsky, a survey vessel which spent several years documenting planetary composition throughout Dragon and Thunderbird Sectors. The results of Tsiolkovsky's studies were published in the text Rimward Worlds: Composition and Formation, and Srivanare - coauthoring with Scout-Captain (EC) Gianfrancisco Juvais - were given the Core Systems Scout Service's Maxwell Order for furthering the understanding of the subject. Tragically, Scout-Captain Juvais and almost the entire crew of the Tsiolkovsky were lost when deliberately contaminated hydrogen fuel exploded, ripping the small vessel in two and exposing all cabins to vacuum. Again because of his faith, Dr. Srivanare was singled out for blame despite suffering decompression sickness in the explosion's aftermath, but the investigation determined he had neither the opportunity nor means to commit the crime, so he was instead quietly discharged in July 2498 with full honors and pay.

Scout-Lieutenant Dr. Paulus Dittmore Srivanare
Age: 34
UPP: 5549D9
Enemy: Penitent Brotherhood
Rival: Scout Service administration

Advocate 0
Animals 0
Drive 0
Carouse 0
Investigate 0
Navigation 0
Comms 1
Medic 1
Language (Punjabi) 1
Social Science (Philosophy) 1
Diplomat 1
Pilot 1
Computers 1
Physical Science (Physics) 1
Sensors 2
Space Science (Planetology) 4

Advanced Combined Telescope Array
Stellar Anomaly Analysis Array
Holoprojector (TL12)
2,000 Cr

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