Pacifica Trake

Pacifica was born on Station Cedar to a family of transients that had recently settled there. Two of her older brothers died at the hands of outlaws, along with numerous cousins, all testament to the unforgiving nature of "the roughest station in human space". By the she was 17 she had to get out, and signed on for bottom-deck pay with the Coriolis

17-21: Worked on a tramp freighter. The crew didn't trust her with any real responsibilities, so she was mostly kept busy with janitorial and gofer duties. After eighteen months of drudgery, she finally demonstrated her natural aptitude for spaceborne work (+1 Int) and the crew finally let her take on more responsibility (became rank 1 free trader).

22-25: Pacifica was put in charge of the Coriolis's sensor board and was accepted as a full member of the crew. What followed was four years of highs and lows as they plugged and plunged their way across human space carrying contraband, condensed foodstuff, and all too often a quarter-full hold.

That all changed the day they boosted out of Oditi's gravity well with pirates in the wake of their hydrogen trail. Just past one of Narayanan's frozen outer planets the Coriolis was raked with lasers. Pacifica went vacc with a canister of quickseal strapped to her suit, but just then the pirates brought out their surprise - a galvanized missile that tore open the hull and knocked Pacifica away from the ship's gravity. She watched as the Coriolis went up in a silent bloom of atomic light. Either the fight or the explosion had burned out their sensors, or they just didn't care about her.

After the pirates departed with their stolen diamondoids, Pacifica started up her distress call and waited fifty-two hours for a rescue ship to finally arrive. You can do the math on what that meant for her suit's recyclers. After she returned her name circulated among a few more spacers, but word also reached the pirates based in Oditi's main city. She was able to use her brief fame to get on with a far trader headed for Manticore before they could get to her.

(got the pirates as an Enemy, became rank 2 free trader, and endurance +1)

26-29: She worked on a series of small (vacc suit 1), a war broke out making her flee that region of space (and got Gun Combat 1)

30-33: Tried to go into business for myself, but got burned and lost a lot of money. Plus side: Rank 3 Free Trader!

Right now: I sunk all my money into this Free Trader. My crew owns more of the ship than I do, the bank is always comming me for their monthly meal, and I have 88 tons of displacement to account for before we can leave this planet.

b. 2 May 2464

Str 5 (-1)
Dex 10 (+1)
Endurance 5 (-1)
Int 9 (+1)
Education 5 (-1)
Social 5 (-1)


(all skills are at +1)

Broker 0
Computers 0
Drive (air cars) 0
Gun Combat (pistols) 1
Gunnery (Spinal)
Jack of all Trades 1
Languages 0
Persuade 1
Pilot (1
Sensors 1
Steward 0
Vacc Suit 1
Zero-G 1


Friends, Contacts, Rivals, and Enemies

A pirate gang that blew up my crew and our ship!

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