Ozymandias Class Dropship

When first introduced, the Ozymandias-class dropship looked nothing like it does today. Originally, it was a completely unarmed 100-ton lifter used by the Marines purely for running men and vehicles from orbit to surface. It had enough room for two full squads of Marines and their APC, and was widely considered by the Marines a complete waste of money, and a giant flying target for enemy fighters. Then, Renali Arms decided to step in. In the middle of the CSFR-Spartan war, Renali Arms presented a "Mk.2" design of the Ozymandias to the Marine Corps - some of the cabin room and storage space had been removed to mount a vast array of support weapons for the Marines. The CSRM snapped it up and ordered them as swiftly as Renali could ship them the weapons and design. Today, it has almost completely replaced the Mk.2 in use - it's still large enough to easily transport a full squad of Marines in battle dress, but also carries enough firepower to stop an armored column in it's tracks.

Ozymandias-class Dropship d-Tons Cost (MCr)
Hull 100 tons Hull 2 2
Streamlined Structure 2 0.2
Armor Ceramol Protection 10 15 1.2
No Jump Drive
Maneuver Drive sE Thrust 1 2.5 4
Power Plant sE Fusion Plant 2.4 5
Cockpit 2-man 3 0.5
Cabin 21-man 30 1.5
Computer Model 2 Rating 10 0.16
Weapons Anti-Personnel #1 160mm Mass Driver 6.5 0.5
Weapons Anti-Personnel #2-3 240mm Heavy Bombardment Rockets .72 .104
Weapons Anti-Personnel #4-6 VRF Gauss Rifle (TL 14) .012 .150
Weapons Anti-Personnel #7-10 Anti-Armour Tac Missiles .0064 .016
Fuel 6 tons 8 weeks 6
Cargo 31 tons 31
Software Maneuver/0
Evade/1 1 MCr
Fire Control/2 4 MCr
Total 100 26,330,000 Cr
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