Oryx is a Core Systems-aligned planet in the Soledad System of Tengu Sector.

Planetary Data

Geographic Data

Oryx is a small world, 8,300 km in diameter with a surface gravity of 0.45g. The atmosphere is a frigid mixture of organic fluoromethanes with a surface pressure of 2.1atm. A single superocean of liquid chlorofluoromethane (more than 1.5 times more dense than water) covers almost the entirety of the planet's surface.


Oryx, along with its sister world Crake, was one of the first worlds in Tengu Sector to be colonized. The planet's population was once much higher, but has dwindled down to just over 800,000 as pioneers and their families set out for the more distant colonies. With the recent push to expand into more remote systems the planet's local culture - in place since its founding in the 2280s - has been eclipsed as the local Navy presence has grown. This has created large-scale unrest in some areas, and locals are generally unfriendly or antagonistic to Navy law.


Oryx enjoys a brisk trade in its own atmosphere, which is generally used as either a cheap coolant or an easily-manipulable bulk stock for protein slabs. It is also a primary supplier of starship components and other necessities for colonists moving rimward.


The Navy keeps a tight order over the starport grounds, but their terrestrial control officially ends there. The preexisting government was largely relegated to a civic service position when the Navy base was installed. This decision has caused a good deal of conflict between the parallel governments and led to both widespread insurrection and deliberately contrary bureaucratic maneuvering.

Travellers' Information


Travellers landing on Oryx are advised to prepare an entire flight manifest and crew background dossier, and reserve several hours for security screenings. Security outside of the starport grounds is significantly more lenient.

Travellers' Resources

Oryx hosts a class-A starport with a TAS annex.


See planet Crake for a breakdown of travel destinations.

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