Oditi is a Core Systems-aligned planet in the Narayanan System of Scylla Sector.

Planetary Data

Geographic Data

Oditi is smaller than Earth, with an equatorial diameter of 6,600 km and a surface gravity of 0.36g. A dense collection of organoparticulates in the middle altitudes has created a surprisingly Earth-like atmosphere with a surface air pressure of 1.1 atm. The temperature is generally warmer than humans prefer. Approximately 50% of the surface is liquid water.


Five hundred million people live in teeming cities built into the bedrock and on huge floating platforms of Oditi's swampy mudlands and high rough ridges. The planet has never fared well in any industry, and the recent collapse of the planetary government has thrown the world into chaos. The population is divided into Kanbei and Core citizens, along with a good portion of undocumented humans that have flooded the world to take advantage of its lack of oversight.


Before the collapse of its planetary government, Oditi's main exports were platinum mined from the oceans and the harvested accumulation of its hazy atmosphere. These industries are still functioning (even though many of the mining and farming crews have gone rogue, claiming the equipment for a variety of factions), but the most notable industry is now the supply of cheap human labor that the planet provides to the Kanbei worlds and their extraterritorial interests.


The Kanbei Group maintains the only legitimate system-wide presence, but allows Oditi to flounder and exist as a well from which exploitable workers may be drawn. Some semblances of province-wide government still exist, mostly around the areas small enough to be maintained with civic guards yet large enough to be fairly self-sustaining. Adula - the planet's largest city - has been listed as feral by the CSSS stationed there. This is somewhat of a misnomer, since Flashpoint Defense Contractors maintains several "courtesy zones" around the city where business can be conducted in (relative) safety.

The real power in Adula (and by extension the bulk of the population) is concentrated around the huge gangs that have collected in and around the starport and turned it into a warren of guarded rooms. Flashpoint's presence keeps the largest weapons out of sight, but anyone wishing to get any real business done will either have to deal with Kanbei lackeys or Adula's warlords. Neither one is preferable, but the warlords rarely fail to give the full quote up-front.

Travellers' Information


Narayanan System is known to harbor several fleets of unregistered or wanted vessels that are often allowed to dock planetside. Travellers fleeing hostile vessels should not consider Oditi a zone of impunity.

Travellers' Resources

Oditi's class-B starport is currently reclassified as class-C. Oditi also hosts a TAS in the starport's courtesy zone.


Oditi is within range of the following systems (for a ship equipped with a Jump-2 enabling drive):

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