Obzanious Blaine

Name: Obzanious Blaine
Gender: Male
Age: 30
Hails from :High population, Low tech world
Str:13 Dex:11 End:8 Int:7 Edu:9 Soc:4
Skills: Athletics: 0 Drive 0 gun combat (eng) 2 Heavy Weapons 0 medic 1 melee 0 recon 0 stealth 0 streetwise 0 survival 0 vacc suit 0

Obzanious Blaine was the eldest of three sons, heir to nothing and privy only to his own fate. When he was just a young boy he enlisted in the Army, headstrong and full of courage. In his first term His squad were surrounded by enemies, and he barely held out until reinforcements arrived. This earned him the one and only promotion he would receive in his active duty. In his second term in the Army, he fell in love with a sweet girl named Katarina, who promised one day to marry him. They shared in their military service, but unbeknownst to him she was the daughter of the commander who sent him on his first perilous mission that almost cost him his life. Commander Jambu found out about their secret love in his third and final term in the army when they got married. This fueled their rivalry, and Jambu swore that he would tear them apart, even if it meant Obsanious had to die. Obsanious mustered out of the Army at the age of 30, not willing to risk his life under the command of Jambu any longer. He geared up and promised to his wife that they would be able to be free together someday.

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