Nolan Hoareau

Age 42

From Eridu

Rank 0 Scientific
Rank 3 free merchant


-42 years: Birth of Nials Payet
-24 years: Entered the scientific team of Dr Klayren
-21 years: Discovered some unethical researches on biological enginereeing, got framed for this. Contnued to work with Kraymen's staff due to blackmail and protection (Enemy: Eridu's police)
-16 years: Set his own laboratory, but was still a beginner
-13 years: Decided he had too much of that illegal eugenism project and ran away (Enemy: Klayren)
-12 years: Settles his travelling store under his new identity as Nolan Hoareau
-7 years: A customer refused to pay him and he complained… but the man was a slaver and not the kind to follow legislation (Enemy: slaver)
-5 years: Dedicating his time to recover his 50000 Cr debt, Nials/Nolan helped the slaves getting free. It helped him falling in love with one of these slaves and met a new friend there too (Romance: Young slave Estelle, met Joaquin)
-2 years: Got a contact from a programmer. Promised to buy some of her futures programs in exchange of her shares of a space ship (Contact: Naoko Kure)


Str 3 (-2)
Dex 5 (-1)
End 7
Int 8
Edu 10 (+1)
Soc 8


Engineer (Electronics) 2
Space science 2
Vacc Suit 2
Computer 1
Sensors 1
Mechanics 1
Persuade 1
Pilot (Spacecraft) 1
Pilot (Small ship) 1
Astrogation 1
Jack of all trade 1
Seafarer 0
Trade 0
Physical science 0
Comm 0
Diplomat 0
Life Science 0
Medic 0
Investigation 0


Electronic Kit FREE
Blade FREE
Stunner TL 10, secure FREE
Comm TL 8 (Cmp 0) / 150
Hand computer TL 11 (Cmp 2) / 700
100 data wafers / 500
Translator program TL 9 / 50
Expert program (on computer) / 100
Various scientific databases (from the time he was working in science) about electronics mainly / 500
7 Shares of a Free trader
68.000 Cr

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