Nikosa is a Spartan-aligned planet in the Onavin System of Manticore Sector. The Core Systems Scout Service has declared Onavin System - as with the rest of Spartan territory - under a code Red advisory. No ships are to enter the system without prior security clearance from Spartan officials, and no ships are to leave for Republic space without equivalent clearance. Failure to obtain clearance prior to entry or exit from Spartan territory may result in being fired upon.

Planetary Data

Geographic Data

Nikosa is an Earth-sized world 13,000km in diameter, with an oppressive, dense blanket of smoggy nitrogen-oxygen atmosphere. Breathing the planet's atmosphere unprotected can be hazardous and lead to long-term health consequences. Surface gravity is approximately 1.07g, while the atmosphere is an uncomfortably 2.4atm at sea level. Water covers 53% of the planetary surface.


Onavin was attacked during the course of the Core Systems-Spartan War, and while the planet remained in Spartan hands, it came at the cost of most of the colonists' lives. Only 4,000 residents make their home on Nikosa, mostly in the military camps and People's Navy station above the planet


Interestingly, the incomplete Republic Navy orbital bombardment had the effect of unearthing previously undetected radioactive ores in the planet's subcrust, adding raw materials to a planet considered one of the most advanced in human space - and bar none the most so in Spartan territory - which already turns out staggering amounts of high-tech goods of all sorts. (Though, being a Spartan world, looks mostly to military supply.)


As with all Spartan worlds, the planetary government answers directly to the ruling junta on New Sparta. The nonmilitary personnel on-planet elect a representative once the old one has stepped down (or been removed).

Travellers' Information


The Core Systems Scout Service has enacted a code Red advisory for Onavin System, stemming from its Spartan control. The atmosphere requires a filter to safely breathe, but is otherwise relatively harmless.

Travellers' Resources

The planet has a state-of-the-art starport that could easily earn an A-class certification from the CSSS, with League-era TAS facilities and even a Core Systems embassy on-planet - a concession made possible by the veritable armada floating above. Visitors to Nikosa are invited to notice the symbolic sword hanging by a thread over the exit gate of the starport terminal - a constant reminder of not only the precarious peace between the Core Systems and the Spartans, but also of the quite operational and functional mass driver array trained on the embassy, 30km from any other site of value.


Nikosa is not a Scout Service-supported planet.

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