Nat-Aanoh (Jensaaran, 'whispering') is a Jensai Concordance colony in Sigma Hydra System of Hydra Sector.

Planetary Data

Geographic Data

Nat-Aanoh is the furthest-out colony from the Jensai homeworld of Jensaara. Survey information provided to the CSSS has indicated that despite its tiny size (only roughly 5,300km in diameter), its predominately iron composition permits it a tolerable gravity of 0.43 Earth gravity. Given Jensaara's native gravity of only 0.61g, the difference is less notable to the Jensai colonists. The atmosphere, properly concentrated, is breathable with no special equipment - however, its external pressure of only 0.35atm at sea level puts it at the extreme verge of human and Jensai tolerances, something like being at Base Camp on Mount Everest. Technically breathable unaided, but only after much acclimation - and with the very real danger of oxygen starvation at higher altitudes.


Nat-Aanoh is host to a very minimal 5,000 Jensai colonists, due in large part to the inimical nature of the planet's atmosphere. The main purpose of Nat-Aanoh is to serve as a training ground for Seeker candidates in fields of advanced study, as its extreme isolation and still-largely-unstudied biosphere make it a slightly more habitable training ground than the depths of space.


The main importance of Nat-Aanoh is in its Seeker Academy; the local supply infrastructure is incomplete and still depends largely on shipments of grain and other foodstuffs from the other Jensai colonies and the homeworld.


The Jensai colonists recognize the Concordant Council on Jensaara as the ultimate authority in matters of national importance, however they also defer to the Seeker Academy for guidance in local affairs.

Travellers' Information


No formal advisories are in place on Nat-Aanoh; however, as with the remainder of Jensai space, the planetary authorities are stingy with their issuance of landing permissions and will not permit humans outside the starport perimeter.

Travellers' Resources

The Seeker Academy on Nat-Aanoh has been known to exchange information with human visitors to the planet by comm, even though they do not allow visitors to come directly to their facilities; as a concession of sorts, they do permit the Core Systems to maintain a Travellers' Aid Society on the starport premises.


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