Mumbai is a Core Systems-aligned colony in the Ganges System of Manticore Sector.

Planetary Data

Geographic Data

Mumbai is a tidelocked moon of the gas giant Ashoka, 5000km in diameter with no atmosphere or water of any sort.


Mumbai hosts a single large settlement of 300,000 people. Originally a simple mining outfit, this planet - without military significance - wound up being used as a refugee sanctuary during the Core Systems-Spartan War. There are many families on the moon originally of Mainz and Volga.


Mumbai has little to offer but basic trade goods; simple ores and such will sometimes be available from the still-functional mining stations in-system. but availability has dropped in recent years. Fuel refineries are not in place on Mumbai, but the gas giant Ashoka below provides a ready source of unrefined fuel to both the planet and any ships able to harvest it.


Mumbai was captured by the Spartan Brigade during the war, but without resources or military power, it was just one more world they needed to support. A 2481 accord between the belligerents designated Mumbai politically as a Core Systems territory (and thus gave to them the responsibility to support them) but militarily a neutral site; this accord was dissolved at the conclusion of the war. A provisional government has remained in power even since the conclusion of the war, recruiting whatever personnel they require from the refugee population.

Travellers' Information


There are no major travel advisories in effect for planet Mumbai. Travellers are advised that CoreNet service is unavailable in Mumbai thanks to the 2481 accord's ban on Core Systems media outlets during the war, and no CoreNet transponders have been brought in-system since the war's conclusion.

Travellers' Resources

Mumbai houses a Class-C starport with a TAS chapter in place. The TAS would also like to remind travellers to Ganges System that CoreNet service is unavailable, and so certain real-time information is unavailable at the TAS hostel on Mumbai that would be available elsewhere.


Mumbai is within range of the following systems (for a ship equipped with a Jump-2 enabling drive):

  • Hudson System (Jump-1)
    • Hudson C666644-D Ga, Ri Consulate, TAS
  • Rhine System (Jump-1)
  • Yangtze System (Jump-1)
  • Amur System (Jump-2)
    • Harbin B7A9644-9 Ni Consulate, Research, Scout, TAS Amber
  • Thames System (Jump-2)
    • Reading B4047CE-A IC, Va Naval, Consulate
  • Volga System (Jump-2)
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