MTP-14 Torquemada

The Bergmann MTP-14 Torquemada is the primary APC for the Core Systems Republic Marine Corps, and is a common sight on worlds undergoing Marine ground operations.

Base M3: 64
Base Hull: 16
Base Structure: 16

Superdense Materials
Mod. Hull: 32
Mod. Structure: 32
Base Mass: 9.6kt
Base Cost: 320KCr
Base Armor: 7

Super Sloped Configuration
Mod. Cost: 480KCr
Total M3: 52

Rugged, Sealed Qualities
Mod Hull: 36
Mod Structure: 39
Mod. Mass: 11.04kt
Mod. Cost: 1.260MCr

Tracked Propulsion
12.8M3 used

Fusion-12 Power Plant
4 M3 used
Power Output 96
0.5M3 Fuel Tank (~21 day endurance)

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