More is a Mirandolan-aligned planet in the Habb System of Thunderbird Sector.

Planetary Data

Geographic Data

More is smaller than Earth, with a diameter of 10,500 km and a surface gravity of 0.75. A combination of significant volcanic activity and algae that chokes all surface water (approximately 40% of the surface) have created a dense, high atmosphere (1.5 atm) that is deadly to baseline humans at all but the highest altitudes.


More's population exceeds 50 million - approximately 98.8% are Mirandolans. Morean culture often unnerves outsiders because of the ruling castes' physiological state. Unlike the other colonies that rely on group pooling, Moreans employ a special group of people, shorter and more broad than average, with large craniums that fill out as they age. These Nus (derived from nuclei) act as focal points for the colony pool, acting as a safeguard against irrational mob psychology.


Unlike some of the other Mirandolan worlds, More's economy is rather mundane. The factories here mostly produce textiles, clothing, and other household goods, with the rare component to more high-tech equipment that is assembled elsewhere.


More's status as a backwater production planet and its people's relatively low standard of living has led to more and more dissent over the past decade. Many people here consider the Nus to be a failed social experiment, and there is significant pressure to add their genetic structure to the list of banned genotypes. Attacks on Nus by "dry" people (those who either cannot pool or have somehow disabled it) are frequent enough where some Nus fear to be seen in public.

Travellers' Information


More, like all other Mirandolan worlds, is rated Amber in accordance with CSFR legal designation. Even without this legal requirement, the planet would likely be given Amber status due to the cultural shift it is undergoing.

Travellers' Resources

There are no resources of note on More.


More is within range of the following systems (for a ship equipped with a Jump-2 enabling drive):

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