Miriam is an unaligned planet in the Odermann System of Dragon Sector.

Planetary Data

Geographic Data

Miriam is an Earth-sized world, 13,100 km in diameter, with a surface gravity of 1.1g. The planet has a thin, breathable (but very polluted) atmosphere that is 0.7atm at sea level. Miriam is a comfortably temperate world. Approximately 63% of the surface is water.


Miriam is an extremely crowded world, and while its population is not on the same scale as Earth, it has much less land suitable for development. This, coupled with poor planning in the initial stages of its founding, has led to a sprawling mass of interconnected living areas, interspersed with tiny plots of farmland, immense pollution-spewing factory towns, and barren garbage-strewn warzones. The bulk of Miriam's population exists in a state that many other worlds would consider horrid.


Miriam's economy was once thriving, back in the days of the second great push into Dragon Sector. Its path along the spinward route from Thunderbird to Kraken meant a large influx of trade in ship repair and food production, but lax oversight and a corrupt League-appointed government led to catastrophic planning failures - birth rates and immigration soared while jobs disappeared. What was left was an empty economy that cannibalized itself, reconfiguring high-tech manufacturing centers to cobbled factory grounds. As the planet's tech level dropped, the planet's ability to provide services dropped as well. Unemployment hovers around 25%, although many people considered "employed" perform tasks so sporadic and demeaning that the distinction is largely meaningless.


Several military and political leaders claim rulership of Miriam, though in truth their power extends only as far as their private armies and militias patrol. The citizens here have learned to get by through a combination of graft and kickbacks. Local laws are enforced sporadically and usually only towards those who are unwilling or unable to offer a suitable bribe.

Travellers' Information


Miriam's current state has kept it at an Amber-status tag that has been in effect since the dissolution of the Terran Stellar League.

Travellers' Resources

Aside from a grimy, larcenous Class-D spaceport, the only real commodity Miriam offers is an endless supply of street criminals and countless people desperate for credits.


Miriam is within range of the following systems (for a ship equipped with a Jump-2 enabling drive):

  • Typhoon, Thunderbird Sector (Jump-2)
    • Tempest B9B5303-8 N S L-P, H-T, I, Amber
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