Minkin's Fighting Starships

Minkin's Fighting Starships is the definitive Core Systems resource for physical specifications, performance data and visual identification on all known (declassified) vessels in current and historical military service. Currently in its 85th Edition and delivering for the first time physical specifications and holo/flatpic images of Jensai warships, Minkin's embodies the state of Republic knowledge of shipbuilding.

Notice: Not all profiles are freely accessible to the general public. Where applicable, you will be prompted for your clearance rating; if insufficient or false, you will be returned to the Minkin's service menu and a log of your failed attempt will be made.

Ship Classifications

The Core Systems Republic Navy vessel displacement ranges are used to determine the relative type of a vessel, primarily for classification purposes. Spartan vessels are expected to devote more volume and armament to their definitions of a given vessel than a ship made by the Republic Navy, and Jensai ships - at least for the time being - should be considered more formidable than their mere size would suggest. These size ratings are an abstraction for classification purposes, and should be seen as guidelines more than hard and fast rules. Carriers are often special cases falling into the Captiol Ships range, but as their function is frequently folded into the hull of cruisers or battleships, there is no common classification for the dedicated carrier class size (as it varies quite a bit).

  • Super-Capitol Ships
    • 400,001+ dtons: Dreadnoughts (DN)
  • Capitol Ships
    • 100,001-400,000 dtons: Battleships (BB)
    • 75,001-100,000 dtons: Battlecruisers (CB)
    • 50,001-75,000 dtons: Heavy cruisers (CH)
    • 30,001-50,000 dtons: Light cruisers (CL)
    • 15,001-30,000 dtons: Escort cruisers (CE)
    • 2,001-15,000 dtons: Destroyers (DD)
  • Escorts and Gunboats
    • 1,501-2,000 dtons: Battle frigates (FF)
    • 1,001-1,500 dtons: Escort frigates (FE)
    • 501-1,000 dtons: Corvettes (CV)
    • 100-500 dtons: Gunboats (GB)
  • Small Craft
    • 10-30 dtons: Light Fighter
    • 40-60 dtons: Heavy Fighter
    • 60-99 dtons: Assault Fighter/Bomber

Core Systems Free Republic

Core Systems Republic Navy

Super-Capitol Ships

  • Ramsgott-class dreadnought
    • 12 vessels in service, 3 hulls under construction
    • Premiere capitol ship of the CSRN. Introduced 2488 to anchor Naval capitol ship formations.

Capitol Ships

Escorts and Gunboats

Fighters and Service Craft

Core Systems Scout Service

Exploration Vessels

Reconnaissance Vessels

Spartan Brigade

Spartan People's Navy

Super-Capitol Ships

Capitol Ships

Escorts and Gunboats

Fighters and Service Craft

Penitent Brotherhood

Order Militant

Jensai Concordance

Jensai Self-Defense Fleet

Jensai Seekers

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