Dossier: Mia Christensen (Ret., CG3 Revoked)


2460-2478: Childhood
2478-2482: Naval Support College
2482-2486: Crewman in Dragon Sector Navy, Affair, Court Martial
2486-2490: Int Agent, gain three contacts
2490-2494: Int Agent, go above and beyond the call of duty
2494-2498: Int Agent, befriend senior agent

Military brat. Grew up on Agarwal. Lots of family involvement in the war. Joined the Naval Support College at Reading when she turned 18. Did well, got her commission and joined the Dragon Sector Navy. Served as command element for the starboard batteries onboard a Kyrie-class battleship, participated in the Coreward Campaign, and began to sleep with Ensign Elizabeth Julian (nee de l'Coeur) who was the command element for the port batteries. When they returned to port for refueling, their relationship came to light and Mr. Julian (who turned out to be Rear Admiral Julian, of good and noble birth) had them both Court Martialed.

Mia did not sit out of the war for very long. The Core Systems Office of Wartime Intelligence desperately needed analysts to examine Spartan traffic and Mia's Agarwal aptitude test scores were off the charts. Mia served throughout the war in various capacities, towards the end of her career she was deeply involved in rooting out Spartan spies that remained after the hostilities had ceased. Also butts.


Name: Mia Christensen
Aliases: Emily, Olivia, Ramona
Last Known Location:

Job Title: Ensign (O-1), Dragon Sector Navy
Status: Discharged, Dishonourable (see Court Martial details att.)

Job Title: Core Systems Intelligence - Field Agent
Current Clearance Granted: NONE
Highest Clearance Granted: Clearance Grade 3
Status: Retired

D.O.B: 2460/11/15
Homeworld: Agarwal, Merkel, Dragon Sector
Living Relatives:
Lt. Cathrine Christensen (Relation: Older sister, Status: Spartan POW)
PFC Ramona Christensen (Relation: Cousin (F.), Status: Spartan POW)


STR 2+1 (-1)
DEX 4 (-1)
END 6 (+0)
INT 14+1 (+3)
EDU 7 (+0)
SOC 9 (+1)


Comms 0
Computers 0
Deception 1
Discipline 0
Engineer 0
Gun Combat (Slug Pistol) 1
Investigate 1
Mechanic 0
Melee (blade) 1
Pilot 0
Vacc Suit 0
Zero-G 0


2200 KCr

Cutlass, 2d6+4, Mass 1, Heft -1
Snub Pistol, 3d6-3, No Auto, Rcl -, Mag 6

  • 4x Magazines

Body Pustol, 3d6-3, No Auto, Rcl -1, Mag 6

  • 3x Magazines

Shotgun, 4d6, No Auto, Rcl 2, Mass 4m, Mag 6

  • 60 shells

Cloth armour w/ Smart Fabric (TL10, Prot 5)

Neural Comm, audio (TL10)
Breather Mask (TL 8)


Intelligence Augmentation +1
Strength Augmentation +1
Wafer Jack (Computer/2)

  • Investigate Expert Program (Rating 1)
  • Persuade Expert Program (Rating 1)


Term 1:
Accepted to Support College
Succeeds at coursework
Fails at Honour Roll
Rank 1

Term 2:
Personal Development (Soc +1)
Fail at Survival
Mishap: Affair with colleague, court martialed for breaking regulations.
Enemy: Lover's spouse

Term 3:
Qualify for Agent (Intelligence)
Spec: Intel (Investigate 0)
Pass Survival
Event: Gained three contacts
Advance to Rank 1
Personal Development (End +1)

Term 4:
Personal Development (Gun Combat 1)
Pass Survival
Event: Above and beyond CoD +2 to Adv
Advance to Rank 2 (Rolled a 12)
Personal Development (Int +1)

Term 5:
Personal Development (Int +1)
Pass Survival
Event: Befriend senior agent, +4 to Adv
Advance to Rank 3
Personal Development (End +1)
Aging roll (-1 to all Physical Attr.s)

Mustering Out:
Int +1
Strength Augmentation +1
Intelligence Augmentation +1
Wafer Jack (Computer/2)

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