Mars is a Core Systems-aligned planet in the Sol System of Titan Sector.

Planetary Data

Geographic Data

Contrary to the dreams of science fiction writers, Mars was never terraformed, since the development of Jump technology precluded any large-scale colonization. It still bears the original carbon dioxide atmosphere at 0.03atm, but the planet's skies have been seeded with microbuffers to dampen radiation. Mars' surface gravity is 0.37g.


9,800 people live on Mars year-round, with another 400 or so involved in transient or seasonal work. There are only two main urban areas, Wells and Point Station (where Mars' only starport is located). Martian culture has been heavily influenced by the burgeoning cybernetics field, and the majority of its citizens bear some level of cybernetic adjustment. The prevailing Martian norm means that unmodified humans are often treated with less respect for failing to correct or strengthen their bodies. Not surprisingly, the Martian bloc is often viewed as pro-Mira.


Mars' proximity to Earth allows its citizens a comfortable level of existence, but most of the planet's surface is used as testing sites for technologies deemed too dangerous to conduct on Earth. Most of Wells' economy is sustained by demand from nearby Republic or corporate facilities, and Point Station relies on starport traffic to prosper.


The CSFR maintains control over approximately 85% of Mars' surface, with the remaining portions ceded to Martian natives and corporate interests. Mars' weakly-elected delegates are acknowledged to hold minimal power over their "constituents", and their representatives are often the target of Sol System political jokes.

Travellers' Information


The Core Systems Scout Service has placed an Amber label on Mars due to extremely lax legal and safety enforcement. Travellers journeying to Mars should take adequate safety measures.

Travellers' Resources

Mars hosts a class-B spaceport with an attached TAS annex.


Mars is within range of the following systems (for a ship equipped with a Jump-2 enabling drive):

  • Sol (In-system)
    • Earth A867B48-D Ga, Ht Naval, Research, TAS
    • Luna A2117A7-D Na, Ht Research, TAS
    • Fort Burke A0008BF-D As,Va Consulate, Naval, TAS
    • Sol Station One C000334-9 As, Va Scout
    • Venus B8B0344-B De, Lo, Consulate, TAS Amber
  • Alpha Centauri (Jump-1)
    • Proteus B362617-B Ri,Ht Naval, Scout, Research, TAS
  • Barnard's Star (Jump-2)
  • Wolf 359 (Jump-2)
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