Marius Woolery
This is a CoreNet series on political figures.
Marius Woolery, current Earl of Santroux, Lemartes. (2409- )

Marius Jackson Beau Woolery (age 89) is the nineteenth hereditary Earl of Santroux Province on planet Lemartes of Mississippi System. Until the Core Systems Free Republic established a Scout Service base in Santroux during the Core Systems-Spartan War, over the heated objections of the isolationist planetary government, Woolery was an unremarkable gentleman running an unremarkable Lemartes province. The unwanted intrusion of the CSFR on the planet's surface threatened to destablilize the whole planet's way of life - and rather than adapt, the Lemartes Planetary Authority council ordered Santroux walled off from the rest of the world, and by extension Woolery was given the 'honor' of being Lemartes' representative in the Manticore Sectoral Congress - at the cost of never being able to live among the rest of the world he represented.

Throughout his 'exile', Woolery has represented his small, backwards, xenophobic planet as best as he has been able - even when their chosen way of life came at odds with what was best for it, Marius has been a noble, dignified and honorable representative of his planet. His conflicting desires to better his world while honoring its wishes has made him into a bit of a tragic figure in one sense, as he's had to turn down - aggressively, in some persistent cases - offers that would have left the Lemartreaux people in a position to participate in the Republic. Still, to meet him is to meet a charming, cultured, warm man, a legend in sector politics, and one whose likes won't be seen again for a very long time.

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