Marina Le Galle
This is a CoreNet series on political figures.
Grand Duchess Marina Beaucose le Galle, former Federal Chancellor, Chrysanthemum. (2428-)

Marina le Galle is a former Federal Chancellor of Chrysanthemum. She held the position for eight terms, from 2481 to 2497. Before that, she was a member of the Federal Council. Prior to her entry into the field of politics, she was the regional administrator of the Sunward Shipping Group. She is currently involved in several aid and charity groups. She is married to Roynald Anders, and has one daughter.

Marina was born on Chrysanthemum in 2428. Her father Walter Cook was a fleet admiral in the final decades of the Human-Skaald War. Marina's title of Grand Duchess was originally bestowed on Cook for his service during the war.

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