Mardana is a Penitent Brotherhood-aligned planet in the Petrarch System of Dragon Sector.

Planetary Data

Geographic Data

Mardana is a large world, 15,100 km in diameter, with a surface gravity of 1.3g. The planet has a tolerable atmosphere, mild clime, and liquid water, but too little oxygen for humans to breathe. About 68% of the surface is covered in water.


Mardana's only inhabitants are the Marja Dini and her household servants and guards (all of whom are extremely devoted to the tenets of the Brotherhood).


Mardana, despite its location and climate suitable for agriculture, produces almost nothing exportable. The Marja Dini's servants tend to several gardens around the estate, but these are for the exclusive use of residents and guests.


The current Marja Dini is considered the ultimate law in Petrarch System, and is considered the head of Sotherlane's government, although the day-to-day concerns are handled by Southerlane's planetary council.

Travellers' Information


Only members of the Penitent Brotherhood are allowed to land on Mardana, and only then at the invitation of the Marja Dini. The CSSS has applied an Red-level warning tag to the planet because of this restriction. Uninvited travellers are advised that attempting to land on Mardana will likely be met with heavy resistance from local Swordcanes.

Travellers' Resources

There are no resources available to outsiders who are not members of the Brotherhood. Mardana's "starport" is merely a concrete landing field with a small fueling station. Anyone seeking aid in-system is advised to land on Sotherlane.


See planet Sotherlane for a breakdown of travel destinations.

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