Marcie Tana

In 2488, a maintenance failure caused an explosion in the engineering compartment of a Core Systems-flagged freighter in Metzger System, Hydra Sector. The first ship to respond to the scene was a Jensai Archerfish-class gunship, who took aboard three survivors of the explosion and subsequent decompression. One of them - Marcie Tana, the ship captain's daughter - was severely injured in the explosion, and Jensai medics had to take desperate measures to save her life. Their patient suffering from traumatic brain injury, the gunship medical team had to essentially extrapolate from the neurological structure of the other survivors and more or less guess at how to repair it using their own, then-limited, understanding of human physiology - and to everyone's surprise, including their own, they succeeded.

When the survivors were returned to Core Systems space, her followup medical evaluation revealed the repairs wrought by the Jensai, and in an instant Marcie Tana was made into a case study. The Jensai medics' efforts wound up giving Tana more in common neurologically with their own people than with humans, and as such she became the target of numerous studies and scans to give humanity a better understanding of their new neighbors.

Even now, almost ten years later, she is still being called upon to give neural scans to expand the understanding of how Jensai neurological structure ages, and countless interviews, specials, profiles and simple questions on the street.

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