Marc Dettwiller

Marc Dettwiller was born in 2457 to influential members Luc Dettwiller and Rosemarie Montclair of Tosca's dominant Armand-Dettwiller industrial family, and from a young age he was brought up to be a contributor to the family's economic dominance in Phoenix Sector - a future that very nearly ended before it began after he narrowly failed the qualification exams for his broker's license. Due to his family's influence, he was permitted to take a remedial exam - but the Armand-Dettwillers had to essentially bribe the Toscan government to allow it, and the staggering 25,000 credit bill fell to him, and persistent questioning of his qualifications would dog him all through his youth (usually not without merit!).

However, once ensconced in Armand-Dettwiller Starliner, S.A.'s Procurement Division, Marc earned a reputation for driving hard bargains with ADSSA's suppliers. In 2478, during a dinner party celebrating the launch of ADSSA's new Bourguignon luxury liner, a gunman entered the ballroom through a service entrance and attempted to assassinate ADSSA board member Louis-Gaspard Armand. Marc attempted to push Louis-Gaspard out of the way and - while he failed to prevent the bullet from breaking the board member's arm - did manage to save his life, while security apprehended the gunman.

Louis-Gaspard and Marc would be friends for many years afterwards, and was instrumental in preventing Marc's termination during ADSSA's troubled clash with the Republic government about their contribution to the war effort. It was hardly a one-way benefit, though, as more often than not Marc wound up working out of Louis-Gaspard's home, working the markets while tending to the board member's infant son. During this time, Marc gained a reputation as a savvy marketeer, making risky and often unpopular investment choices for the company that nevertheless paid huge dividends, often making him the go-to man for market advice and investment strategies.

Louis-Gaspard Armand made chairman of the board in 2485, and his relationship with his wife when it became clear that she was acting suspiciously. Calling upon one of his many favors to Marc, he asked the up and coming company agent to perform an off-the-books examination of his wife's financial records, which - sadly - proved her to be spending exorbitant amounts on out-sector trips and lavish gifts to another man. The resultant scandal and messy, public divorce tarnished both Louis-Gaspard's and his wife's reputations, but Marc's devotion was rewarded with his appointment to private notary for the Chairman.

The rising public ire to ADSSA's chairman placed increasing amounts of stress on the duo's working relationship, and after a series of hot-blooded shouting matches, Marc took a leave of absence to preserve their friendship - as well as his job. He leveraged his now formidable reputation in the markets and while Armand-Dettwiller treaded water in the mid-Spartan War's economic slump, Marc honed his mercantile skills on his daytrading.

Returning to the corporation after being offered a promotion by Louis-Gaspard to chief of ADSSA's finance division, Marc cut his teeth on the legal side of the business and, as with his negotiating skill, became a notorious and feared legal expert in the area of corporate law, which led to accreditation from the Toscan Bar Association (completely unaided, unlike his mercantile license) and strongly influenced his area of focus in his more recent years - despite his own investments into Kanbei ventures continuing to pay dividends that could have exploded had he given them more interest.

Marc and Louis-Gaspard's mutual partnership as ADSSA executives ended in 2497, with Marc being appointed official legal counsel to the ADSSA board and Louis-Gaspard facing a no-confidence vote he was unlikely to win. At a party celebrating the Armand-Dettwiller clan's tenuous and distant link to revolutionaries of the Mangrove Bush War, Louis-Gaspard announced his intent to enter sector politics - an intent cut brutally short by Toscan news outlets publishing damning evidence of Chairman Armand's homosexual relations with company interns. Instead of sectoral influence, Louis-Gaspard was forced into ignominious (but very lucrative) retirement. Faced with pointed questions as to his place at the company - chief among him his 'relationship' with ex-Chairman Armand - Marc retired from Armand-Dettwiller Starliner, S.A. before he could be asked to leave. Which is not to say that his departure was all bitter; instead of a gold watch, the corporation awarded Marc with a handsome severance package, an executive-grade membership in the Traveller's Aid Society, and the title to (and twelve-percent ownership of) a magnificent one-off personal star yacht christened the Golden Rule.

Marcus Aurelius Dettwiller
Homeworld: Tosca, Vesuvius System, Phoenix Sector
DOB: 5 August 2457 (Age 42)
Advocate 3, Broker 2, Persuade 2, Language (Sino-Japanese) 2, Diplomat 1, Computers 1, Social Science (economics) 1, Melee (blade) 1, Trade 0, Animals 0, Admin 0, Steward 0

Term 1: Royal Trader/Purchaser (25,000 Cr owed for license fee)
Admin 0, Broker 0, Computers 0, Persuade 0, Steward 0, Social Sciences 0
Skill: Persuade 1
Survival: 7 (Int 6+)
Event: Ally (63, prevent assassination, failed on 4)
Advancement: Rank 1 (Liaison, Broker 1); Melee (blade) 1

Term 2: Royal Trader/Purchaser
Skill: Amateur Influence
Survival: 6 (Int 6+)
Event: Persuade 2 (23, Babysitting)
Advancement: Rank 2 (Advisory, Specialist Influence); Commercialist Influence

Term 3: Royal Trader/Purchaser
Skill: Investigate 1
Survival: 6 (Int 6+)
Event: +2 Adv DM (54, unfaithful wife, succeeded on 9)
Advancement: Rank 3 (Private Notary, +1 Soc); Trendsetter Influence

Term 4: Royal Trader/Purchaser
Skill: Broker 1
Survival: 8 (Int 6+)
Connection: (DM); Social Science (economics) 1
Event: Broker 2 (45, playing markets)
Advancement: Rank 4 (Fiscal Advocate, Advocate 1); +1 Edu
Aging: None (5)

Term 5: Royal Trader/Purchaser
Skill: Advocate 2
Survival: 8 (Int 6+)
Event: 4,000 Cr (34, side venture, succeeded on 15)
Advancement: Rank 5; Language (Sino-Japanese) 1
Aging: None (2)

Term 6: Royal Trader/Purchaser
Skill: Advocate 3
Survival: 7 (Int 6+)
Event: 5,000 Cr (55, family holiday)
Advancement: Rank 6 (Royal Banker, +1 Soc); Language (Sino-Japanese 2)
Aging: None (1)

Skill Package: Diplomat (Diplomat 1, Computers 1)

Mustering out:
6 terms/3 bonus, +1 to all from rank
Cash: 175,000 Cr (3,4,5) + 9,000 Cr from Events + 12,000 Cr/year pension = 196,000 Cr
Benefits: Secretarial Assistant, +1 Influence (trans. into +Soc), 12 Yacht shares, TAS Membership(2,3,3,4,4,6)

Starting cash: 171,000 Cr (196,000 Cr - 25,000 Cr license fee)

Starting items:

  • Cloth Armor (TL10) w/ Eye Protection, Smart Fabric, Computer Weave (TL13), Protection 5, 1,350 Cr
  • Bug Detector/Jammer (TL12), 2,500 Cr
  • Hand Computer/4 (TL13), 3,000 Cr
    • Security 2, 1,000 Cr
    • Translator 1, 500 Cr
    • Intelligent Interface, 100 Cr
    • Expert Advocate 2, 10,000 Cr

Available Cash: 152,550 Cr

Assistant: Sofia Saint-Lazarre, Secretarial Assistant (+1 to Admin, Advocate, Broker)

Ship: The Golden Rule

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