Mandarin-class scoutcraft

The Inratech Ship Solutions P3X Mandarin-class scoutcraft is a lightly armed and armored patrol fighter under trials with the Core Systems Republic Navy. Unlike its larger and more formidable cousin the Hotspur, the Mandarin's mission profile is to avoid combat where possible, since it is neither designed to sustain nor deal out damage. At best it is a skirmishing ship, best suited for hit and run missions and harrying lightly guarded convoys. Where it really shines is high-speed penetration and subsequent egress of hostile-occupied system space to glean information about their deployment.

P3X Mandarin-class Scoutcraft d-Tons Cost (MCr)
Hull 20 tons Hull 0 1.08
Distributed Structure 1
No Jump Drive
Maneuver Drive sN Thrust 13 8 16
Power Plant sN Fusion Plant 5.7 10
Cockpit 1-man 1.5 0.1
Computer Model 3 Rating 15 2
Electronics Basic Military +0 Jamming DM 2 1
Weapons Hardpoint #1
Fuel 2.5 tons 2 weeks 2.5
Cargo 0.3 tons 0.3
Software Maneuver/0
Evade/2 2
Intelligent Interface 100 Cr
Expert (Sensors)/2 0.01
Total 20 32,190,100 Cr
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