Mallory is a Core Systems-aligned planet in the Chomolungma System of Phoenix Sector.

Planetary Data

Geographic Data

Larger than its neighbor world Pearson, Mallory is 11,120km in diameter, its atmosphere boasts an unusually low oxygen content and an unusually high noble gas content, requiring external air supplies (or an oxygen extractor apparatus) for safe breathing, and its seas are a highly toxic soup of complex organometallics. Surface gravity is 0.9g, atmospheric pressure is about 0.8atm at sea level, and the 'oceans' cover about 82% of its surface.


The more populous of the two Chomolungman worlds (owing partly to its less hazardous atmosphere), Mallory holds three hundred million Republic citizens despite a culture that dismisses individuals who can't fend for themselves - and a planet that is sure to weed out the weak and unfit.


Without a doubt, the first thing people think of when they think of Mallory is the sector-famed Mallory Mad Dogs, fifteen-time Phoenix Sector-conference champions and five-time Republic Football League champions - and to the consternation of all manner of anthropologists, the high-tech nature of Mallory's trade and industry has done nothing to abate the Mallorians' gusto for all things violent and fierce. Football is the least bloody of the sports practiced here (with certain exceptions; see also the RFL Championship Game of '82, also called the Gore Bowl). Beyond the Mad Dogs' popularity (which lends at least 10% to the planet's GDP), Mallory is also home to no fewer than twenty corporations' high-tech development facilities or factories, meaning that there's always a seller's market when it comes to advanced goods.

Mallory was founded second in Chomolungma System, and was in fact colonized from Pearson rejects and dissenters. The planet was too toxic to serve as much of a farming colony for the mining world, and it remained a marginal facility subsisting on handouts from its more profitable neighbor until business magnate Benjamin Sclieri built a factory to build his company PicoSense's medical analysis equipment - a shrewd move that heralded Pearson's boom into a medical research Mecca. Since then, the two share a reluctant - but steady - economic symbiosis.


The Mallory Ruling Council has two very simple provisions for joining their number: You have to be born on Mallory, and you have to be able to beat one of the Council in a fight on their terms. They are simple in theory, perhaps, but in practice a Mallory Council seat fight turns into an almost Byzantine affair of unwritten rules, ritual ceremony, endless training and culminates in a venue-busting main event with political, social, and financial fortunes riding on the outcome.

Travellers' Information


The odd social climate, combined with the hazardous biosphere, makes Mallory a somewhat unique and risky place to visit, and contributes to the Amber advisory in place for the planet itself.

Travellers' Resources

Mallory has a Class-A landing facility on-planet with TAS hostel, and hosts not just a Core Systems Department of Energy field office, but the South-Col Republic Navy Graving Docks in orbit benefits from the proximity of many of their tech- and weapons contractors just below.


See planet Pearson for a list of systems in Jump-2 range.

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