Magnolia is a Core Systems-aligned planet in the Appian System of Phoenix Sector.

Planetary Data

Geographic Data

Magnolia is a Mars-sized planet with a surface gravity of 0.38g and a very thin - but breathable - atmosphere (0.35atm). Thin, cold muddy seas cover approximately 5% of the surface.


100 million people live in sealed complexes, and about half of them work for Magnolia Luxury Vehicles, overseeing the production of some 800 million luxury aircars every year. There are a few other advanced factories on the planet that work to spur further development. The remainder of the population are involved in mercantile and service industries. Magnolia has a very sharp gap between the wealthy corporate workers and the poor service workers.


Magnolia is well-known as the birthplace of modern high-end luxury vehicles, although they also produce billions of other vehicles in other in-system factories, as well as components for robots and other advanced machinery.

Magnolia received a substantial amount for supplying vehicles and equipment to the CSFR during the CS-Spartan War, and continues to expand into other vehicle and mechanical markets.


The planetary heads tend to be tightly interconnected with the Magnolia CEOs. Because of modern automation, the actual assembly is done solely by robots, which means that most corporate employees are designers, artists, engineers, and technicians - all of whom represent significant investments for the planetary corporations. Corporate sabotage is a common, if under-reported, occurrence.

There is a Navy base on another terrestrial planet in the system that draws much of its innovation from Magnolia. This gives the planetary officials some leeway in dispensing justice planetside.

Travellers' Information


There are no advisories for Magnolia.

Travellers' Resources

There is no TAS on Magnolia. The main starport is a gleaming monument to the planet's main industry - visitors are subject to a steady stream of holos depicting the luxurious life of a Magnolia owner.


Magnolia is within range of the following systems (for a ship equipped with a Jump-2 enabling drive):

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