Lotus is a Core Systems-aligned planet in the Madison System of Phoenix Sector. A code Amber travel advisory is in effect for the planet.

Planetary Data

Geographic Data

Lotus is an Earth-sized world with a dense, wet atmosphere (1.7 atm) and near-Earth gravity (1.05g). Much of the terrain is rugged mountainous features formed in the last few million years. Lower-lying areas are usually waterlogged; about 38% of the surface is liquid water. Lotus is sometimes referred to as "Lilypad" because of this.

The planet is an anomaly among the worlds humans have visited, in that it harbors native (non-sentient) life, and that humans can survive with minimal aid.


The 6.5 million people on Lotus are mostly Republic citizens and corporate scientists, and their support staffs. The planet's overseers are appointed directly by a committee within the sectoral congress.

Most of the population is spread out over the planet, but about 2 million people live in Calgary, the only real "city". Calgary grew from the Calgary Research Station, the first permanent human structure on the planet. The city includes the starport (itself a remnant of the station's formative years).


Lotus has technically been a part of Phoenix Sector since the region was named, but the planet was overlooked by the forerunner to the Scout Service until 2320. Since its discovery, Lotus has become a prime target for exploitation. The Terran Stellar League initially placed a red-status label on the planet, but it was opened up to government scientists - and later corporate researchers - within thirty years of its discovery. The CSFR tries to discourage poaching, but there are always people willing to pay exorbant sums to own an alien animal or plant. The fact that most life brought off-planet quickly dies makes Lotus a perpetual market.

Much of its value is in intellectual properties - the native life has enormous potential for human betterment, and several revolutionary medical treatments have spun out of research into Lotian biology.


The majority of citizens on Lotus do not consider themselves a separate people from other worlds. Everyone on the planet resides there voluntarily, and employment is 100%. Aside from the prohibitions on contamination, they are restricted only by the standard CSFR government conduct regulations. The only real social conflicts arise when the residents feel that the appointed rulers are not acting in the best interests of keeping Lotus pristine.

Travellers' Information


The Core Systems Scout Service has enacted a code Amber advisory for planet Lotus. Native flora, fauna, and microorganisms can adversely affect Earth-based life. Travellers venturing to Lotus should either engage in a tailored acclimatisation procedure or take steps to ensure that they remain in sterile environments. Treatment may be available locally, but is not always attainable by non-residents.

In an effort to discourage poachers and contamination, landing is permitted only at the starport, and visitors must submit an itinerary beforehand. The starport itself contains sophisticated detection and sterilization equipment to minimize cross-contamination (accidental or otherwise).

Threat Assessment

see main article at Kipling's Syndrome

Travellers' Resources

Lotus hosts an outdated class-D starport. There are no other resources of note.


Lotus is within range of the following systems (for a ship equipped with a Jump-2 enabling drive):


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