List of Minor Political Entities

In the wake of the Terran Stellar League's collapse - or in some cases, prior to it - humanity is split into as many groups as one can imagine. Some are amenable to the CSFR, some are devoted to defeating it, some just want to get as much money and influence as they can before things go to hell again.


Named after founder Hugh Alexander Sr. Their goal is to take full, private control over shipping and taxation of Hathor.

Bolívar League

A separatist group that broke with the CSFR late in the CS-Spartan War. They currently control three systems in the rimwardmost and spinwardmost region of Dragon Sector.

Church of the Savior Risen

A religious sect that rules Yuma.


A disparate affiliation of terrorist cells spread throughout spinward Republic space and becoming an increasingly dangerous force in Republic, Kanbei, Bolivaran and Penitent space.

Interstellar Resources

A massive corporate hydrogen and water concern, based in Titan Sector.

Kanbei Cartel

A collective of Scylla Sector-based merchants and industrialists who are trying to elbow in on other sectors' industrial giants with a combination of competitively priced goods and an army of tough-guy strongarm artists. Their worlds are characterized by the planetary culture's revolving completely around the company based there.


A loose group of do-it-yourself posthumans that have established colonies in an otherwise inhospitable region of Thunderbird Sector.

Republican Pathfinders

The leftover explorers from the dissolution of the Core Systems Scout Service's predecessor organization, who reorganized themselves into a private exploration group and almost rival the CSSS's Exploratory Corps now for efficacy at exploring beyond the frontiers.

Stroller Collective

The affiliation of nomadic Stroller clan-ships scattered throughout human space. They are tied together into a political entity by an informal council.

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