str 4, dex 8, end 7, int 10, edu 8, soc 11

computers 0
Vacc suit 0
language 0
admin 0
advocate 0
comms 0
diplomat 1
investigate 0
persuade 1
deception 1
flyer(grav) 1
carouse 1
gun combat(slug rifle) 1
streetwise 1
melee(blade) 1
stealth 0
gambler 0
engineer 0
pilot (spacecraft) 1
sensors 1

37900 cr
3 ship shares
Gauss Rifle
500 gauss rifle amunition
2 combat implants»Armour 3
grav floater


As the youngest daughter of a wealthy noble, Lisa had two things to look forward to in life: Having everything taken care of money wise, and being jealous of her older siblings. Soon enough she made a life defining decision.
Fuck. That.
As soon as she hit 18, she left home with the intent to get disowned. For Eight years, she lived off her parents money, traveling from place to place, spending her parents riches, pissing a few people off, and learning something of politics. After being disowned, she sought out a group of pirates, with intent to join them.
They laughed at her.
They told them that they had no use for 'a mere lass who dont even know how to fire a gun.' With no money, and no home, she did one of the only things available to her.
She signed up for the draft.
Oh how fate laughed, when a prospective pirate was chosen for law enforcement! But this gave her the training she needed, and, as a plus, by the time she left she had been outfitted with sub-dermal armor.
After leaving law enforcement, she had indeed learned how to shoot, and was taken on by the same pirates she had been denied by four years previously. Being a pirate taught her how to fly a ship, as well as actually make money gambling, rather than throwing her money away.
after being a pirate for four years, She realized that she wasnt getting any younger. She Decided that she wanted to explore. She wanted to adventure. She wanted to point to a blank spot on the map and say "thats where we are going"

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