Lemartes is a Core Systems-aligned planet in the Mississippi System of Manticore Sector.

Planetary Data

Geographic Data

Lemartes is a planet 6,000 km in diameter with a dense oxygen-argon atmosphere but little - less than 10% - water surface coverage. Surface gravity is equal to 0.35g. Atmospheric pressure can run to 2.2 atm at the lowest points of elevation.


The planet is home to some three million citizens of a low level of technological sophistication. The planet's original settlers elected not to throw their lot in with the Terran Stellar League, some colonists able to trace their roots all the way back to backwater citizens of southeastern North America. After the sparking of the CS-Spartan War, the Core Systems built a small installation over the colonists' objections, but even so there is very little true 'Core Systems' heritage in the planetary populace.


Having very little in the way of modern conveniences - indeed, much even in the way of resources - combined with a draconian policy regarding its sole landing zone leaves Lemartes an economic backwater in the best of circumstances. The one exception is a small enclave at Santroux, housing Core Systems representatives of the Scout Service and a five-berth landing zone for refuelling and cargo transshipping.


Being set almost as far back politically as can be, Lemartes is remarkably progressive. They have chosen their heads of state in a democratic fashion and rule in a reasonably stable manner - but in light of the CSFR's incursion, a representative had to be chosen, and so landowner Marius Woolery, Earl of Santroux - the closest land plot to the starport - was selected as hereditary representative to the Core Systems for life, and Santroux itself was almost totally sealed off to prevent further planetary contamination.

Travellers' Information


There is no formal travel advisory in effect to Lemartes, but travellers will note that any attempt to leave the green zone at Santroux will be met with harsh penalties. Attempting to engage in trade, offering passage, or other form of cultural contamination will be prosecuted to the full extent of the law.

Travellers' Resources

Lemartes has little in the way to recommend it, even in Santroux - up-to-date sectoral star charts can be obtained through the Core Systems Scout Service office in the starport, which is a Class-D facility and cannot provide refined fuel or more sophisticated repair than patching hull damage.


Lemartes is within range of the following systems (for a ship equipped with a Jump-2 enabling drive):

  • Nile System (Jump-1)
    • Hathor C985696-8 Ag Pirate, Scout, TAS Amber
  • Tath System, Phoenix Sector (Jump-1)
    • Tathnel A55A315-C Lo, Wa Consulate, Naval, Research, TAS
  • Thames System (Jump-1)
    • Reading B4047CE-A IC, Va Naval, Consulate
  • Tigris System (Jump-1)
    • Eridu DABAAAB-B Fl, Wa Scout Amber
  • Danube System (Jump-2)
    • Vienna A78A9A7-D Hi, Ht Consulate, Research, Scout, TAS
  • Hudson System (Jump-2)
    • Hudson C666644-D Ga, Ri Consulate, TAS
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