Laurel is a Core Systems-aligned planet in the Eiger System of Phoenix Sector.

Planetary Data

Geographic Data

Laurel is an ice-covered satellite of the gas giant Harare. Its equatorial diameter is about 2,800 km, and has an average gravity of 0.21g. Laurel has a thin, corrosive atmosphere of chlorine and nitrogen, with an average air pressure of 0.11atm. Artificial gravity inside installations is typically kept at 0.6g.

The surface is covered in frozen chlorine dioxide hydrate, with a layer of frozen tainted water at the poles.


Laurel has a population of just over a half-million people, all of them easy-going and friendly (at least on the surface). They live a communal lifestlyle that belies a deeply complicated web of social factors.


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Living in a sealed environment has created a strangely gregarious people. The citizens of Laurel long ago realized - as many other isolated colonies have - that the slightest disharmony can break the fragile network. Resources are not seen as something to be hoarded, but instead shared by everyone. As far as the Laurelites are concerned, there are enough jobs for twice as many citizens, and anyone that's not being productive needs to ship out on the next transport.

This is not to say that traders should overlook Laurel! With a thriving uranium mine and a large supply of high-grade chlorine, Laurel is always expanding, and has a high municipal budget for its size.


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Laurel's government officials are chosen for their analytical and practical abilities.

Travellers' Information


Traders should note that only commerce officials will handle transactions.

Travellers' Resources

There is no TAS on Laurel.


Laurel is within range of the following systems (for a ship equipped with a Jump-2 enabling drive):

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