Lantana is a Core Systems-aligned planet in the Nanda Devi System of Phoenix Sector.

Planetary Data

Geographic Data

Lantana is a small, hot world roughly 9000 km in diameter and covered with a relatively thin atmosphere that is more or less tolerable to humans without the aid of breathing filters. Surface pressure is 0.55atm at sea level, and gravity is 0.65g. Approximately 40% of the surface is covered in water. There are no ice caps.


Shortly after Lantana's official discovery, The Solar Fields Corporation colonized the planet for the purpose of exploiting the alien forests that encompass it. Only after investing billions of credits into the planet did the company discover that the initial scouting data had been incorrect - the costs of exploiting the planet would outweigh any real profits. After SFC's suit against the League scouting agency was dismissed, the majority of shareholders pulled out and the company collapsed, leaving the town to fend for itself.

After the SFC's collapse, a few of the remaining colonists discovered that both the scouting party and the SFC had been incorrect - there was valuable wood on Lantana (though not nearly as much as the company had originally believed). After this first big strike, the colony's population briefly spiked, but died off when the newcomers discovered just how hard it was to slog through kilometers of dense, soggy jungle to locate a single grove of trees. Since then, it has drifted down to stabilize at about a thousand people.


Most of Lantana's wood is too soft and flimsy to be of any real value, and the costs of maintaining automated equipment outweighs any meager profits. However, as the abandoned colonists discovered, there are groves of trees that, thanks to optimal growing conditions, are now among the most valued in the sector. An average-sized grove can be worth anywhere from 40-180 thousand credits. The canopy is too dense to allow easy scanning, so prospecting must be done on foot.

Typically, a prospector will spend months, even years, in the forests, living off of filtered water and food packages dropped from cooperating aircars. When a grove is discovered, the location is marked with an encrypted beacon (to prevent claim-jumping). An extraction team is then brought out to the site. Finally, arrangements are made to sell it off-world.

Because of the residents' conditions and the lack of planetary authorities, it is not uncommon for the discoverer to be killed over the knowledge of a grove's location. A few companies maintain operatives here to verify claims and act as intermediates, and the Scout Service offers a few repair services, but most of the town is focused on providing for the seven hundred-odd prospectors.


There is no real law on Lantana. The representatives of offworld companies hold some small amount of power, because they can refuse or amend payment. The few merchants planetside are likewise only respected because they can withhold services. With no gas giants in the Nanda Devi System, the region sees few visitors other than supply ships and the occasional transport crew. Anyone coming here is advised that they should only barter from a position of strength.

Travellers' Information


Core Systems Scout Service has assigned an Amber status to Lantana because of repeated reports by local Scout Service operatives of violent behavior by residents. Travellers to Lantana are advised that the only prohibited weapons are those that threaten the structural integrity of buildings.

CoreNet service is unavailable outside of the Scout Service office and a few other private locations within the town. There is no comm network on Lantana, so all communication is limited to range.

Travellers' Resources

There is no TAS on Lantana.


Lantana is within range of the following systems (for a ship equipped with a Jump-2 enabling drive):

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