Kraken Sector
Standard civilian astrogation chart, circa 2498

Below the thunders of the upper deep;
Far far beneath in the abysmal sea,
His ancient, dreamless, uninvaded sleep
The Kraken sleepeth: faintest sunlights flee

-The Kraken, by Baron Alfred Tennyson (1830)

Kraken Sector is a Core Systems Free Republic territory, one sector spinward and one sector rimward from Titan Sector and Earth. The first colony established was Luz Colony, Chopin System in 2226. The Sectoral Congress is stationed on planet Lumo, Shou-sin System.

The initial scouting probes found the sector to contain a large number of terrestrial worlds that responded easily to terraforming, which made settling the area a lucrative proposition for both the Terran Stellar League and private enterprises. A large area of the coreward-spinward region of Kraken Sector is uncharted, due to the presence of a massive black hole called the Saltstraumen that warps local gravity and makes Jump travel impossible.


By Earth astrogational standards (see Core Systems Scout Service), Kraken Sector is 1 sector spinward and 1 sector rimward from Earth (technically Titan Sector). This gives Kraken Sector's relative grid coordinates the dimensions of (1X1X). XXXX System, for example, is at relative coordinates 1X1Y.

Coreward: Scylla Sector
Rimward: *unknown*
Spinward: *unknown*
Antispinward: Dragon Sector

Political Status

The majority of the systems in Kraken Sector are firmly aligned with the Republic, although in times of dissent the votes (or lack thereof) from Kraken delegates have created widespread ripples in the political process. Kraken was settled early and thoroughly to ease the population crunch from Earth and its colonies, and many of the planets here developed as commerce centers only after years of acting as "bedroom worlds".

Several extrasectoral supercorporations like Interstellar Resources and the Kanbei Group have begun making inroads into Kraken Sector, although at present their influence is fairly minimal.

List of Systems

The following is a list of systems in the sector and the sites of note in them.

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