Keilor Red Holo

Let Keilor Red Holo help you find the right vehicle for you today! No matter who you are, be it ship captain, mercenary leader, or average joe, you need a name you can trust in the industry. Keilor Red Holo has been the industry's leading pricing guide since it's creation in 2200, helping civilian and paramilitary alike find the right vehicle for you!

Civilian Vehicles

Before you go out and buy your next Air/Raft, make sure you check with us, Keilor Red Holo, first - below is a list of vehicles available from all current manufacturers! If we don't have it listed, then it doesn't exist!

  • Magnolia Luxury Vehicles
    • Car wot look fancy go here
  • TerRanger Machinery and Supplies
  • Probably another company here
    • I'm thinking more "normal" everyday vehicles.
  • Air vehicles as well - I used vehicles instead of automotive for a reason.
    • Plane wot go fast here.

Military Vehicles

Be it taking on Spartan holdouts, or dealing with uprisings, Keilor Red Holo has the vehicle for you!

Notice: No purchases are available until after verification of your Mercenary Identification with your account - if you are having issues verifying your account, please contact customer support!

  • Renali Arms Manufacturing
    • Things to consider: Would small crafts get entries here as well?
  • Allied Weapon Systems
    • Definitely need another company to round out this section.
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