Kanbei Cartel

The Kanbei Group (referred to in all official Republic documents as the Kanbei Cartel) is a supercorporation that controls a number of worlds in Scylla Sector and dictates policy for much of the region. The cartel originated as a means of promoting rapid sector expansion in the early days of the League, but a series of ruthless boards devoured other companies, reaching out into all markets and creating a consumer-driven empire that now controls the lives of the producer-consumers and everyone that has come to rely on cheap and durable Kanbei products.

While the total number of corporate organizations the Cartel controls - directly or indirectly - may never be known, the following is a list of some of the largest companies whose markets span Scylla and beyond:

  • Allied Weapons Systems
  • Apple Foods
  • Atlas Starship Manufacturing
  • Destination Hydro Services
  • Flashpoint Defense Contractors
  • New Universe Entertainment
  • ScyllaNet News
  • Shiji Logistics
  • TerRanger Machinery and Supplies
  • Vitruvian Cybernetics
  • West Horticulture

Known associates

The Kanbei Cartel is unofficially affiliated with two criminal entities in the Scylla sector due to the fact that a not-insignificant number of employees of the Kanbei corporations are either members of these entities or are at least willing to turn a blind eye for credits or favours. The first, and oldest, is called the Yi-wan Mogwai Tong (壹萬 魔鬼 堂) and they largely deal in the narcotics trade throughout the sector. The second is known as Zhen Quian Lan (黕 芊 藍) or Aka Midori Ao (赤 緑 青), depending on whether you ask a member who identifies as ethnically Chinese or as Japanese. These latest arrivals have fingers in the flesh trade throughout Scylla Sector. Both groups are muscling into the other's territory and this is causing a great deal of conflict that occasionally spills out into the public eye.

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