John Carter

Sir John Carter

STR: 4 (-1)
DEX: 4 (-1)
END: 4 (-1)
INT: 5 (-1)
EDU: 7 (+0)
SOC: 11 (+1)

Age 18: Nobliity
Age 22: Noblitity
Age 26: Noblity
Age 30: Navy
Now 34.

Money: 0
70,000 Cr. in debt.
Two Ship Shares
Ceremonial Blade
Ship's Boat
Vacc Suit (TL 12)
Palm Computer (TL 13)
Panacea (5 Doses)
Stim Drugs (20 doses)
Filter (TL 7)
Assault Rifle (TL 7)
6 boxes of ammo
Laser Carbine (TL 11)
10 Energy packs
10 Magazines
+1 Dexterity Enhancement


Admin 0
Advocate 0
Comms 0
Diplomat 0
Investigate 0
Persuade 0
Streetwise 0
Carouse 1
Vacc Suit 0
Computers 0
Deception 1
Mechanic 1
Gun Combat 0

+3 to noble benefit roll.
+2 to Navy Benefit roll.

Has an Enemy.


Born in 2464 on Simone to the noble Carter family, Sir John Carter lived a comfortable early life. Knighted in 2482, John soon took to travelling across
the stars. On his journeys, he made a deal with TitanCore Entertainment to star in a Reality TV show, "Carter's Carnivals". Carter's Carnivals ran for two
season from 2486 to 2487. The show only aired on 4 markets.

In 2490, Carter joined the Core Systems Republic Navy, claiming that an ancestor had come to him in a dream and told him to join the military. When asked
about this, Carter will tell people that he is also attempting to live up to his dream of becoming a defender of the people. Other say that he joined
the navy after a surgery to enhance his flexiblity.

His sworn enemy is his cousin Janice Bishop. She has stated numerous times how she would love to see her cousin dead. When asked about this, Janice responded
"Have you met this man? He goes around claiming that people visit him in dreams, he takes all our money, he thinks he's hot shit because he was on a TV show
no one watched, and he thinks he can join the goddamn Navy. If I could just get my hands around his neck I'd [COMMENT EXPUNGED]".

He is currently serving as a crew member in the Navy.

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