Johnny Beck

Joined the Hathor Planetary Army at 18 to fight Spartans. Was injured (but not seriously). Spent six weeks hitting on nurses before the doctors finally caught on and kicked me out. When I got out of the service, I was mugged and all my money was taken.

At 22, I got my break on the CoreNet Comedy circuit, working as a steward on a passenger liner during the day and entertaining the guests as the in-house comedian during the evenings.

At 26, I was still working on the passenger liner. Unfortunately for me, so was a professional thief. When some pricy jewelry went missing, I got blamed for it. No one could prove anything, but it left a black mark on my job record and I was let go without pay. (lost one Benefits roll).

At 30, I still hadn't made my big break into the Core, when an agent for an entertainment company happened to catch my show and invited me to join his troupe. I left the liner and went on a tour of Core space, (where I met him- a contact- and two other contacts).

At 34, I finally started to get recognition (and +1 to a Benefits roll).

At 38, I started moving out of stand-up and into a few minor roles in holo-comedies, playing a few variations on my Elmer "Elbows" Wayne character. Unfortunately, while I was touring Manticore, our crew was ambushed by Spartans. My old Army training kicked in, and I burned a hole through their lead officer… and the entire exchange was caught on vid. You might think that having a genuine "war hero" in their holo would be good for ratings, but Studio 3 felt that the image was not what they wanted associated with a children's production, and after some uncharacteristically bitter words on my part, I was let go.

So all that's left is signing up with the Navy to shoot at the kids of the Spartans that I shot at 20-odd years ago. Having me on board is good PR for the Navy, and I need to work somewhere. I can't go back to passenger liners.

Basically, he's pissed that he got tossed off after being a CS patriot, and he understands and respects the military mindset so he gets along well with all branches of the service.

Also, had i not failed my last Entertainment survival roll, I would have been considered a "Famous Performer" (and gotten a +1 Soc)

Str 9 (+1)
Dex 10 (+1)
End 8 (+0)
Int 10 (+1)
Edu 8 (+0)
Soc 8 (+0)

Animals 0
Art (Acting) 1
Athletics (Endurance) 0
Carouse 2
Deception 0
Drive (Tracked) 0
Gun Combat (Slug Rifle) 0
Gun Combat (Energy Rifle) 2
Heavy Weapons (type)
Melee (Unarmed Combat) 0
Persuade 1
Recon 0
Steward 0

Characteristic Dice Modifier
0 –3
1–2 –2
3–5 –1
6–8 +0
9–11 +1
12–14 +2
15 +3

2 ship shares

7 contacts:

  • Buddy Thorpe
    • Agent for New Universe's entertainment division, who got me my start in holos as part of a comedy team.
  • Rachel Maddox
    • Comedian that I worked with as part of the above comedy team.
  • Sean Yan
    • Somewhat-disreputable owner of a chain of nightclubs on Rouen; met him while on tour with Rachel and the others.
  • Admiral Nancy Ramirez
    • One of the people that facilitated my joining of the Navy.
  • Captain Nathan Raincloud
    • The designated CSRN spokesman for the Manticore Front.
  • Count Akobo Richards of Mainz
    • A fan. The kind of fan that rents out a concert hall to watch you.
  • Mavis Beck
    • My dear sweet mother. What, you never call your mother?
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