Jessica is a Bolívar League-aligned planet in the Bascomb System of Dragon Sector.

Planetary Data

Geographic Data

Jessica is a warm-temperate Mars-sized world, 6,500 km in diameter, with a surface gravity of 0.37g. It has a surprising amount of water and water vapor for such a small world - almost 40% of the planet is covered in liquid water, and the 1.6atm surface air can be safely breathed without aid.


The majority of Jessica's 400 million citizens practice a more open form of relationship than what many Republic citizens are used to. Children are generally raised in crèches by dedicated care providers and tutors, and while parents are free to visit, they usually choose not to in order to avoid creating attachment issues. Far from being the "orphans cast off by soulless parents" that the Brotherhood makes them out to be, the children of Jessica's crèches typically forge strong bonds with their crèche-mates that carries over to a strong sense of patriotism and loyalty to their homeworld.


Even before the dissolution of Jessica's ties to the Republic, the planet was known as a dependable source of cheap industrial fabrications and bulk starship components for frontier colonists too far outside of the normal commercial channels. Independent planets and undiscriminating buyers from Kraken Sector have supported Jessica's economy for years, and the current embargo on League planets has dampened the market less than the Republic would like.


Jessica's population, like the other League worlds, despises the nepotism and cronyism that they see as rampant within the Republic. All posts - from Planetary VP to comm systems inspectors - are staffed by those that have shown enough aptitude to hold the seat, and all government salaries are the planet's median income, regardless of rank.

Travellers' Information


Officially, travel to or from Jessica is prohibited for any Republic citizen. Unofficially, Sadel System sees much less traffic than a perusal of Kudernah's outbound destination logs would indicate.

Jessica's population is leery of the Republic and anyone associated with it. CSFR citizens should not expect any courtesies here, and officers or well-known bureaucrats are not advised to touch down planetside.

Travellers' Resources

Jessica offers few resources to travellers, although there is a Scout Service installation planetside which has been expanded to serve as the planet's only starport.


Jessica is within range of the following systems (for a ship equipped with a Jump-2 enabling drive):

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