Jeremiah Smithson


Str 13 +2
Dex 11 +1
End 12 +2
Int 12 +2
Edu 6
Soc 5 -1


Vacc-Suit 0
Medic 0
Animals 0
Carouse 0
Melee 0
Melee (blade) 2
Gun Combat 0
Gun Combat (Pistols) 1
Stealth 0
seafarer 0
Survival 1
Leadership 1
Jack of Trades 2


4 weapons

Level 6 Barbarian Legend

A Scion of the Icy wastes of Friendship, Ezekial is a massive man with deep set eyes that glimmer with intelligence. Somewhere around 7 ft tall and very wide, he is a mass of muscle. he does not remember anything for around 6 years from his 18th to his 24th year, until he woke up in a bloodstained arena with a crazed man coming at him with a knife, He defended himself, and then broke out when they opened the doors, cutting a swath through his enslavers with the sword they gave him to fight with. Then he found himself on the streets of a strange and wondrous city.

A few years later, filled with debts created by the new world he had found, he joined up with several other men to raid this supposed secret base for it's treasure and tech. Yes it was secret, Government Secret, and as they escaped with the prize, battle-armored marines rained fusion fire on them, they all burned, Ezekial the only survivor with terrible agonizing wounds as he pulled himself down the manhole and fled his body weeping sticky blood as they thought him consumed by the flames. Deep in the sewers he hid for years, healing, surviving, growing more aware of the underworld and it's inhabitants, until he heard word that War had broken out, and those who fought could get a new life. So he did for 8 long years, and a long the way he went against the orders of his commander to save children in a hospital, and in return, once the fires died down the Doctor in charge fixed his ancient wounds from that failed heist.

18-22 Absolutely no clue… but he got smarter and stronger and why am I not on friendship? (+1 int and Str)
22-26 Got attacked by SLAVERS (enemy gained) but fought them off with amazing speed as he wandered the wastes (+2 dex)
26-30 Went treasure seeking, Got shot with a fusion gun and nearly died but learned his lesson (+2 int)
30-34 Travelled the darkest parts of the shady underworld (+1 end and +1 int)
34-38 Fought in a war on a nameless planet picked up some skills, saved a hospital filled with children, in return a kind doctor fixed his old wounds (Jack of trades 1, Str +1, Dex +1)
38-42 Found an ANCIENT ARTIFACT (Str +1, Jack of trades 2)

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