Jensaara (Mu Hydra III) is a Jensai Concordance-aligned world in Mu Hydra system of Hydra Sector It is the capitol of the Concordance and the homeworld of the Jensai race. There are no CSSS-issued travel advisories in place for Jensaara, but the official position of the Republic government is that no unnecessary trips should be made to the planet.

Planetary Data

Geographic Data

Jensaara is a beautiful blue-white jewel of a world, only 9000km in diameter with a minimal gravity of 0.6g but bearing an Earth-comparable atmospheric pressure of 0.95atm.


Inarguably the most populous world of the Jensai, with 30 million individuals collected in large cluster-cities. As a rule, Jensai on their homeworld do not migrate far from their homes, and it's a rare Jensai citizen who travels to another city without cause - much less another planet.


Economically, Jensaara is a treasure house of material resources that the natives rarely harvest. Human trade does occur - but on the Jensai's terms. Only materials that can be replaced are sold - no mineral wealth- and only as often as is sustainable.


The government of Jensaara is the Concordant Council, a congress of an unknown number of Jensai representatives who decide policy for the alien nation - but based on comments made by Jensai citizenry to Republic diplomats, the council is more in tune with the needs and will of the Jensai populace than is common among representative governments.

Travellers' Information


There are no formal travel advisories in effect for planet Jensaara; however, as a courtesy to the notoriously private Jensai race, the Core Systems Scout Service and the Core Systems Diplomatic Corps have issued a recommendation to all Republic citizens to avoid needless travel to Mu Hydra system and to be prepared for a refusal for landing permission.

Travellers' Resources

Jensaara is fairly inaccessible to the average Republic citizen, but as a courtesy to those doing business the starport has been allowed to host a Traveller's Aid Society hostel on the planet's surface. As far as amenities available to Jensai go, though, the main campus for Seeker training is on the surface of Jensaara and the main spacedock for the Jensai Self-Defense Fleet orbits Mu Hydra VI.


Jensaara is within range of the following systems (for a ship equipped with a Jump-2 enabling drive):

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