Jennifer Turais

Character Sheet

Jennifer Turais


Age: 26
Homeworld: Silas (E230315-A Desert, Low Pop)
Titles: Henchman
Gender: Female

Career Ranks

Barbarian Rank 0
Pirate Rank 1


Survival 1
Medic 0
Animals (Riding) 1
Carouse 1
Melee (Blade) 1
Stealth 1
Seafarer (Ocean Ships) 1
Comms 0
Sensors 1
Pilot (Capital Ship) 1
Vacc Suit 1

Career Terms

Term One

Naval Support College: Flunked Out ; Drifter, Barbarian (Iris) Mustered Out (Weapon: Knife)

Term Two

Pirate, Corsair : Mustered Out (20 000 CR)

Personal Funds

17298 CR


Weapon TL Range Skill Damage Heft Mass (kg) Cost
Knife 1 Personal Melee (Small Blade) 1d6+1 0 0 5
Weapon TL Range Skill Damage Auto Recoil Mass (kg) Magazine Cost Ammo Cost Special
Black Powder Rifle 3 Ranged (rifle) Gun Combat (Slug Rifle) 3d6–3 No –1 6 1 100 10 -1 DM to Hit
9mm Autopistol 6 Ranged (pistol) Gun Combat (Slug Pistol) 2d6-2 No 0 1 16 200 10
Assault Shotgun 6 Ranged (shotgun) Gun Combat (Shotgun) 4d6 4 2 4.5 7 or 20 (drum) 250 20
Snub SMG 8 Ranged (shotgun) Gun Combat (Zero-G Weapons) 2d6 (Ball), 2d6-2 AP (HEAP), 2d6+2 ST (HE) 2 -2 2 30 350 30
RR-900 ACR 10 Ranged (rifle) Gun Combat (Slug Rifle) 3d6 6 0 3 40 1000 15
Armor TL Protection Skill Mass (kg) Cost
Ballistic Vest 8 5 None 1 200
Hat 0 1 None 0 2
Toughened Boots 5 0 (1 Against Foot Hazards) None 1 20
Light Arm Protector 8 1 None 1 75
Gear TL Description Cost
Cold Weather Clothing 0 Reduces damage from Arctic conditions to 1d6/4hours, and increases the time between damage rolls by 2 hours per TL above 0. 200
Filter Mask 3 Allows an individual to breathe tainted atmospheres and protects against the inhalation of heavy smoke or dust. 10
Goggles 5 Protects the eyes from very bright lights (such as lasers, nearby flares or nuclear detonations). 20
Geiger Counter 6 Detects the presence of rads of 30 or more. 250
Purification Tabs (10) x2 7 Purifies water of natural bacteria and pollutants, but not poison or radiation. One tablet per 4 litres. 10


Enemy of…

Huan Jianyu, the pilot of the transport she was on and a retired Scout. Naturally, his career had been relatively interesting, and having to fix anything that breaks with whatever they could scavenge on top of dealing with the irritating wannabe-spacer girl proved too strenuous on their already tense relationship-of-necessity. A verbal argument turned into a physical skuffle - he punched her, she grabbed his knife off his belt, almost cut him, and then just made off with the knife, a rebreather and one of the water condensers they'd rigged up. Naturally, he'd be eager to even the score if they ever ran into each other again.

Ally of…

Captain my captain! Maxwell Madder, the leader of the corsair band she fell in with and the commander of the Capital ship she was part of the piloting detail for. Currently still in control of his band thanks partially to her supporting him when dissident elements attempted to claim the looted cap ship for themselves.)

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