Jason Shepard

Born June 22 '60 -

Retired Commander Jason Shepard is the sole owner, proprietor, captain of the Compass-class Scout vessel The Misguided Venture and later the demilitarized gunship Longbow-553 renamed The Better Life. he was born on the planet Tempest, Thunderbird Sector, on the orbital colony. Growing up with heavy national service minded folks, at the tender age of 18 he went off to the CSFR Naval Academy on planet Reading, Thames System, Manticore Sector, graduating in '78. While attending school, he played for the football team as a star O/D lineman, playing with greats like Lance Hopper, Derek Chesterfield, and others.

After graduating, he went on to serve 12 years with the Core Systems Republic Navy, fighting in the Core Systems-Spartan War, earning medals and distinctions in many battles, but is most famous for his efforts at the Battle of Kal'Dassa where he and his squadron of Hotspur attack craft destroyed the largest battery of High Altitude Low Orbit Anti-Aircraft Artillery that had been firing nonstop at CSRMC elements trying to secure a forward deployment zone on the moon.

After the war was over, he retired, serving another 4 years in the merchant marines before retiring for good.

Since then, Shepard has bought his ship and hired a crew, and have been freeballing it since.

DEX 10
INT 12
EDU 15
SOC 10

High Technology, Industrial

Engineer 0
Computers 1
Comms 1
Physical Science 0
Trade 0
Trade (Biologicals) 3+1
Carouse 1
Pilot 0
Vacc Suit 1
Zero-G 1
Gunner (Turrets) 0
Mechanic 1
Gun Combat (Pistols) 2
Gambler 3
Astrogation 1
Diplomacy 1
Melee (Large Blade) 1
Leadership 1
Pilot (Small Craft) 2+1
Pilot (Spacecraft) 1+1
Tactics (Naval) 1
Broker 1
Persuade 2
Drive 0
Sensors 1
Streetwise 1
Stealth 1
Investigation 1
Recon 1
Navigation 1

140,000 credits
TAS Membership
2 Ship Shares
5 Free trader shares
Contact - Major Paine


21,490 credits + 1 mortgage payment


Cloth TL 10, 5 Protection, 500 credits, 1kg
Hostile Enviroment Vacc Suit (TL 13) 9 Protection Vacc Suit 1 20,000 credits 12kg
- Smart Fabric 1,000 credits
- Mag Boots

Neural Comm:
TL 12 Audio and visual, Computer/0 Cr. 5,000

Wafer Jack TL 13 (Computer/4) 15,000

TL 14 Computer/5 0.5 kg 5,000 credits
- Data Display/Recorder (TL 13):Data Display/Recorder (TL 13): 5,000 credits

Computer Programs/Software:

2 TL 11 Cr. 1,000 Very Difficult (-4 DM) difficulty

1 TL 10 Cr. 500
Translators are specialized Expert systems that only have Language skills. The TL 9
version just provides a near-real-time translation. The TL 10 works in real-time and
has a much better understanding of the nuances of language.

TL 10 Cr. 1,000 +1 DM for hacking rolls

Intelligent Interface:
TL11 Cr. 100 Artificial intelligence allows voice control and displays data intelligently. Required for
Interface using Expert programs.

Intellect 1 TL 12 Cr. 2,000

Expert Software Pilot (Small Craft) 2
TL 12
Cr. 10,000

Expert Software Pilot (Spacecraft) 2
TL 12
Cr. 10,000

Expert Software Trade (Biologicals) 1
TL 11
Cr. 1,000


TL 12 Binoculars:
Binoculars (TL 3): Binoculars (TL 3): Allows the user to see further. 1 kg, Cr. 75. At
TL 8 electronic enhancement allows images to be captured; light-
intensification allows them to be used in the dark. Cr 750. At TL
12 PRIS (Portable Radiation Imaging System) allows the user
to observe a large section of the EM-spectrum, from infrared to
gamma rays. Cr 3,500.

Cutlass 2d6 damage

Gauss Pistol 13 Ranged (pistol) 3d6 4 -1 0.5 40 magazine 500 credits 20 credits/mag
- Secure Weapon (Handprint), Silencer: 350

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