Jacklyn Decker

Commander Jacklyn Estela Decker grew up on a small asteroid, surrounded by both tech and belters, where nobody really expected her to make anything of herself. Her father assumed she would be just like her brother, winding up belting for a living. Jacklyn had other ideas. In her youth, she spoke with a number of ex-Naval personnel who had retired, or been court marshalled, and became belters. Their stories of protecting space from pirates didn't interest her, but the wide expanse of space they spoke of did. One in particular convinced her to go attempt to join the Navy, having once been an Astrogater. The idea of guiding ships among the stars appealed to her, so she caught the next ship off planet and never looked back. She applied at Dartmoor Naval Academy, and not only got in, but passed at the top of her class with full honors. They pinned her rank on her without hesitation, and sent her off into the stars.

Her first few years in the Navy were fairly mudane, having an incident while astrogator for a Longbow-class vessel off Tathnel, in the Phoenix Sector. While the incident was minor, colliding with a small asteroid while she was on duty, her commander did give her a dressing down. She threw herself into her work then, earning both praise and a Meritorious Performance of Duties medal. Time passed as time does, and she found herself shipped from the backwaters to the front line of the CS-Spartan war. Her luck streak either failed her or saved her on the line, depending on how you look at it. Two of the ships she served on were both destroyed, lost with all hands but her. Jacklyn got good at hiding that fact, prefering to keep quiet about it rather than be shunned by her her superstitious crewmates. She continued up through the ranks despite the setback, cross training with Naval Engineering for a time, before finally getting to her ultimate goal: Making her way into Naval Intelligence. Duties at the time are mostly classified, kept onto to higher echelons of Naval Intelligence, but she offers that she was an analyst during her time spent working with them. A few years afterwards, she was finished with the navy. Jacklyn retired with the cushy rank of Commander, getting a nice stripend and help in setting up her own little business after the war. She currently runs Decker's Guider's, a badly named Astrogation mercenary group that works mainly for the Navy. Most of her time is spent working training new astrogators, or out on assignment, guiding vessels for paying customers.

Commander Jacklyn Estela Decker, Naval Intelligence (Ret.)
Female, 43 Years Old
b.22 September, 2455

Str 4 -1
Dex 9 +1
End 6
Int 13 +2
Edu 13 +2
Soc 9 +1

Rank O6 Captain
1 Term Naval Academy, Flight
4 Terms Flight, Astrogation
1 Term Naval Intelligence, Analyst

Astrogation 4
Tactics (Naval) 2
Navigation 1
Space Science (Planetology) 1
Computer 1
Admin 1
Sensors 1
Discipline 0
Pilot (Spacecraft) 0
Comms 0
Sensors 0
Gun Combat (Energy Pistol) 0
Deception 0
Investigation 0
Vacc Suit 0
Medic 0
Carouse 0
Stealth 0

Term 1 Passed Flight College, Honors, O1 Astrogation 1, Astrogation
Term 2 Navigation, Collision Fail, Demoted to O1, Advanced, Astrogation
Term 3 Astrogation, Medal, Meritorious Performance of Duties, Advanced, Int +1
Term 4 Astrogation, Sole Survival, Deception, Advancement, Space Science
Term 5 Dex +1, Crosstraining, Investigation, Advancement, Edu +1, Dex -1 Aging
Term 6 Naval Intelligence Analyst, Sensors, Crosstraining Naval Event, Naval Engineer, Advancement, Admin

Mustering Out
30,000 Cr
1 Wafer Jack
1 Skill Augmentation (Astrogation)
2 Ship Shares
TAS Membership
Independent Operation

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