Iota Manticore

Iota Manticore is an uncolonized system in Manticore Sector. Its sector grid coordinates are Manticore S0309. It is currently unlisted in the Core Systems Scout Service's stelnav and starmap database.

System Features

Iota Manticore has one unexplored planet, currently uncoded by the CSSS. It is also home to the wreck of the Deng Ma, a Mirandolan Dynamic-type tramp trader ambushed by forces unknown in 2498. It was carrying a cargo of iridium ore along with an illegal collection of contraband cybernetics and a hefty load of Glass.

Potential Destinations

Iota Manticore is within Jump-2 range of the following systems, although there is no CSSS jump guidance for any jump out of the system:

  • Snake System (Jump-2)
    • Spade B345344-8 Ag Consulate, Research, TAS Amber
  • Volga System (Jump-2)
  • Yangtze System (Jump-2)
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