Innsmouth is a Core Systems-aligned planet in the Catskills System of Phoenix Sector.

Planetary Data

Geographic Data

Innsmouth is a Mercury-sized terrestrial planet, one of two in the Catskills system. Considered marginally more habitable than the frozen giant further out in the system, Innsmouth is a Mercury-sized planet with a trace atmosphere. It has undergone some marginal terraforming that has not held up over time, and most of the carbon dioxide atmosphere generated has sublimated into space. With the all-but-collapse of the Innsmouth colony, it seems no further efforts to retame the planet will be undertaken.


Innsmouth holds ten colony settlements that house about 50,000 people in total, the descendants of the original colonists. With the ubiquity of Innsmouth disease being what it is, immigration has been halted by the Republic government and childbearing on-planet has been strongly recommended against, so that number is expected to dwindle in the years to come.


The planet has no real resources of note, having only token amounts of common ores and no human exports to recommend it. The bacterium f. albrechtia is of great xenobiological note for being the first known microorganism of alien origin to affect human biology, but no way to parlay that into economic worth has been found.


The lion's share of Innsmouth's politics are administered to it by the Core Systems in place of a native government. Snide comments of Innsmouthian insanity aside, the Republic foots the bill for all colonial development, and expects full say in how those assets are used.

Travellers' Information


The planet's original name, Van Winkle, was a humorous take on the fact that early settlers had to go into cold sleep during the original terraforming process of the planet. Less humorous was the fact that most of the post-cryo generation had a nearly tenfold increase in mental illness with no known cause, until microbiologists discovered that an omnipresent bacterium in the soil had infested all the Terran plant life and, with the increase in temperature and moisture, had begun polluting the planet's crops and atmosphere with a neurotoxin eventually named innsmouthein. Because of the pervasive and insidious manner of innsmouthein toxicity, the CSSS has listed Innsmouth under an Amber code advisory. Travellers are advised to spend as little time on the planet as possible, and are strongly warned not to settle on the planet or even come in contact with material freshly from the surface - especially if one has a weak immune system, recovering from sickness, is pregnant or may become pregnant.

Travellers' Resources

Besides the prospect of going mad, Innsmouth has little in the way of amenities to offer to travellers.


Innsmouth is within range of the following systems (for a ship equipped with a Jump-2 enabling drive):

  • Annapurna (Jump-1)
  • Tath (Jump-1)
    • Tathnel A55A315-C Lo, Wa Consulate, Naval, Research, TAS
  • Hood (Jump-2)
  • Lyskamm (Jump-2)
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