Welcome to In Game Terms:Psionics. This is the page for In the Shadow of the League rules for psionics that aren't relevant to the background or plot of the setting, and as such would be inappropriate to post in the normal entries. The information on this page should be considered OOC knowledge - and the GM recommends only looking at the content within if you require it, as it could ruin some of the surprise when seeing it in-game for the first time!

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Psionics are a scarce commodity in human space and beyond it. Probably the most powerful, most stable human psions commonly encountered are the Mirandolan joies-de-vivre, with natives of Innsmouth and phi addicts not far behind. The Jensai are psionically active as well.

Psionic Abilities

To date, the only psionic capacity demonstrated by any party is telepathy in varying degrees. This has the game effect of giving all psions essentially free access to the Telepathy powers and skill but blocking off all other power trees. The skill tables for the different groups capable of psionics will be presented here at a later date to accomodate the lack of access to other powers.

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