IGT:Player Races

Welcome to In Game Terms:Player Races. This is the page for In the Shadow of the League rules for PC races that aren't relevant to the background or plot of those races, and as such would be inappropriate to post in the normal entries for them. The information on this page should be considered OOC knowledge - and the GM recommends only looking at the content within if you require it, as it could ruin some of the surprise when seeing it in-game for the first time!

Jensai Player Characters

Jensai are physically unimposing and frail; they have Weak Strength (-1) and Weak Endurance (-1). They are also remarkably flexible and dextrous, with Notable Dexterity (+2). They substitute their Social Standing characteristic with one called Presence, which is determined on 2d6 and performs double duty as a Jensai character's Psionic Strength. Jensai wishing to pursue the Scout career (so they can become Seekers) must roll a Presence 11+ for Qualification rolls to demonstrate their psychological resilience when isolated.

Mirandolan Player Characters

Mirandolans are Engineered humans. Generally speaking, player characters born from the latest generation of Mira are made at TL 11. They are also Psionic, but Weakly so (-2 Psionic Strength). Mira who successfully enter the Psion career are referred to as joies-de-vivre, and generally take a social skill - Broker, Persuade or Diplomacy as examples - as part of their Basic Training.

All Mira characters must have an Intelligence characteristic of at least 6.

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