Icarus-Class Secure Transport Boat

The Icarus-class Secure Transport Boat is the only ship of its kind in the employ of the Core Systems Scout Service Courier Branch. Originally founded during the days of the Terran Stellar League, the Couriers original duty was the unglamorous passage of messages between systems in the pre-CoreNet days. But with the implementation of CoreNet, the Couriers saw most of their fleet of Icarus' mothballed. Those that remained saw their job transform from delivering mail for civilians to transporting messages, and occasionally items or personnel securely across CSFR space. With its tight security, fast ships, and constantly working pilots, it's a safe bet that any message given to the Couriers will arrive swiftly and without security issues.

Icarus-class STB d-Tons Cost (MCr)
Hull 200 tons Hull 4 8
Streamlined Structure 4 .8
Armor Ti Alloy Protection 2 10 .4
Jump Drive D Jump 4 25 40
Maneuver Drive F Thrust 6 11 24
Power Plant F 19 48
Bridge 10 1
Computer Model 3/bis Rating 15 (J/C 20) 3
Electronics Basic Military 2 1
Weapons Hardpoint #1 Pop-up Sandcaster 2 1.45
Sandcaster Rack 20 Barrels 2
Fuel 104 tons One Jump-4 and four weeks 104
Cargo 2 tons 2
2 Staterooms 4 personnel (max) 8 1
Extras Vault 12 6
Ship's Locker
Software Maneuver/0
Jump Control/4 0.4
Total 200 132,370,000 Cr
Maintenance Cost (monthly) 11,031 Cr
Life Support Cost (monthly) at full occupancy 6,000 Cr
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