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Human (homo sapiens sapiens)

Humans (homo sapiens sapiens) are a species of domesticated spacefaring apes. The species' homeworld is Earth.

Humans are one of the most prolific species in the known universe, having spread to more than two hundred worlds and countless artificial spaceborne structures. In the five hundred-plus years since humans first developed means of space travel the species has even divided into distinct subspecies.


Humans are bipedal, and adults average 1.5m to 1.9m in height. Many humans exhibit sexually dimorphic characteristics. Unlike other apes, humans are covered in very sparse, fine hair, with the exception of several patches in specific locations. Human skin tone ranges from light pink to nearly black.

Humans require a constant supply of oxygen, and expel carbon dioxide. They are omnivorous, with a wide variety of diets across cultures.


Main article: Mirandolans

Mirandolans (homo sapiens commutabilis) are a subspecies of humanity primarily found in Thunderbird Sector. While their genetic makeup is not the result of natural selection, but rather of artificial genetic drift and restructuring, Mirandolans are considered a separate branch of humanity nonetheless.


Humans first discovered the process of agriculture approximately 11,000 years ago. Since then, human history has often been marked by expansion and war. In the last five centuries, humanity has spread to eleven sectors, and carried their historical habits with them. Until less than fifty years ago, the majority of human space was governed by the Terran Stellar League.


Humans display a staggering variance in their cultural practices. Some cultures are more open than others. Some aggressively recruit new members, and some are clannish or insular.

Communication between humans has been greatly increased by the advent of the CoreNet system. While spelling and syntactic conventions have been made static with the spread of instant communication and permanent data storage, a wide range of jargons and local terminologies have evolved along with the spreading cultures.

Political Structure

Humans are only one of two species recognized by themselves as fully sapient (the Jensai being the other species).

Humanity is divided into several large blocs of power:

In addition to these, there are several other notable power groups that exert control over single systems or smaller territories.

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