Hoplite-class Fighter

The Type 18 Fighter is a refinement of the earlier Type 16, one which emphasized pure speed over survivability - an emphasis which cost the Spartan Peoples' Navy innumerable pilots during the course of the Core Systems-Spartan War, as the F3 Hotspur which was deployed midwar was far more heavily armored than anything the Type 16 fighter's single pulse laser could handle. The solution - a typically Spartan one - was to add armor and replace the beam weapon with a nuclear-tipped missile payload. Even so, the missile frequently fails to do damage to the obscenely well-armored Republic fighter - but far more often the fighter is still neutralized by way of the pilot succumbing to radiation poisoning.

Standard Military Loadout

Type 18 "Hoplite" Fighter d-Tons Cost (MCr)
Hull 20 tons Hull 0 1.20
Streamlined Structure 1 0.12
Armor Ceramol Protection 4 1 0.24
No Jump Drive
Maneuver Drive sH Thrust 8 4 9
Power Plant sH Fusion Plant 3.3 6.5
Cockpit 1-man 1.5 0.1
Computer Model 2 Rating 10 0.16
Electronics Basic Military +0 Sensors DM 2 1
Weapons Hardpoint #1 Single Fixed Mount Missile Launcher 1 0.85
Weapons Hardpoint #2 Twin AP-Rockets (TL9) - .0016
Fuel 1.5 tons 2 weeks 2
Cargo 5.2 tons 5.2
Software Maneuver/0
Evade/1 1 MCr
Fire Control/2 4 MCr
Total 20 24,171,600 Cr
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